Day: May 27, 2010

“War Pigs” movie leads these Wild Hogs and Old Dogs to their inevitably ridiculous conclusion

I know that War Pigs was the talk of the Internet yesterday, but sometimes it takes me more than a millisecond to process reality. Or even fake realities masquerading as flash-sideways. You know what I mean, even if you pretend you don't. So if you haven't yet clicked on the site for War Pigs and seen what's what and what's not what, let me break it down for you: Four suburban dads go into North Korea to rescue their kidnapped children back from Kim Jong-Il. Those dads are Pvt. William H. Macy, Capt. John Travolta, Sgt. Brad Garrett, Lt. Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Lloyd from Entourage as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. I mentioned it's a comedy, right? Here's the trailer: The mastermind behind War Pigs is not exactly the producers from Old Dogs and Wild Hogs, but comedian Gil Ozeri, who told me he's been having fun seeing the Internet wonder what it's all about. See this Reddit thread, for example. Plus he thought these recent movies needed to be mashed-up and reimagined in an even more ridiculous premise, adding: "That, and I'd love to see William H. Macy get hit in the nuts a thousand times over two hours....

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Dane Cook tells me about his Idol finale gig; full studio version of “Simon Said” available on iTunes

After the unexpected ending of his musical performance on last night's finale of American Idol, Dane Cook told me this morning via email a little bit more about the "before" part of the process, and credited comedian J. Chris Newberg not just for working with him on the song, "Simon Said," but also on how he "certainly rose to the occasion in that behind the scenes insanity." Related: See my post below for the video clip of Dane Cook on Idol and getting interrupted by rejects of Idols past. How was Dane Cook even on Idol, though, you may wonder? Credit another Simon, Idol's creator and executive producer Simon Fuller. "Simon Fuller is a fan of mine for some years, so they just asked me to be a part of it," Cook told me. Internet sleuths may also know that Raquel Houghton, who sang at Cook's HBO taping of "Vicious Circle" when she was dating him back in 2006, made it to Hollywood Week of Idol in season eight last year. Anyhow. Back to Cook, who gently mocked me for suggesting that his Idol performance would be a duet and not a solo act, saying: "As far as collaborating with my buddy Daughtry? Oh come on, Sean don't you know me yet?? When do I ever do what people expect?" Hahaha. If you'd like to hear the full studio...

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Carlos Mencia lets his guard down on Marc Maron’s WTFpod: “I don’t want to be that person anymore.”

If you haven't listened to Marc Maron's interview with Carlos Mencia that went online on Monday on Maron's WTF podcast, then you can just skip ahead to today's second part, because it's much more revealing. Maron himself felt that his first chat with Mencia hadn't really uncovered much, so he reached out to Willie Barcena and Steve Trevino, then texted Mencia and said he needed a follow-up discussion. That happened quickly. Their conversation goes for a while, and Mencia's emotional state veers between defensive and contrite. At one point, he even acknowledges that comedians and the comedy world would love nothing more than to hear him apologize. And then much later, at the end of their chat, Mencia indeed apologizes, and tells Maron that he had "never been confronted like this about why I go onstage like this for so long." Mencia said: "I don't want to be that person anymore." He's talking specifically about bumping headliners at comedy clubs. But then he's also talking about being the comedian that everyone thinks is a lying, cheating asshole. It's become a "ridiculous" situation, Mencia said. So his message to people who think he's taking a joke of theirs that they think will take them to the next level? "Call me, and I'll drop it." "I guess I really do want to be perceived as a nice guy." To that end, Mencia...

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Dane Cook sings “Simon Said” on American Idol finale, only to be interrupted by Idol’s rejects

With Simon Cowell's final season as the judge who matters on American Idol coming to a close last night, I wouldn't have thought that there would be actual comedy to pay attention to, but of course that meant that there was, and let's talk about it. Without any explanation, the show zoomed in on Dane Cook at center stage strumming a guitar and roasting Simon. Sure. Um. OK. As I suggested at the time remotely on Twitter to New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff, perhaps FOX was rewarding Cook for his loyalty to MySpace by letting him sing — after all, Cook did find his path to fame by making 2.6 million friends on MySpace and clinging to the network long after everyone else jumped to Facebook and Twitter. Lo and behold, later in the Idol finale, it turned out that the show was betting on MySpace for its 10th season. I guess I wasn't surprised that Cook would be singing on live network TV — he had told me about wanting to pursue a music career three years ago, although I would have figured that, given his friendship with past Idol finalist Daughtry, that he would have showed up on the finale with Chris Daughtry for a duet instead of as a solo act. That wasn't the news that came out of Dane Cook's appearance, however. Roll the clip!...

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