Day: May 24, 2010

Are you ready to watch Jimmy Fallon with Jimmy Fallon? “Late Night” UStream week is in full effect

Showing that he continues to be hip to new technology, Jimmy Fallon and his NBC Late Night crew are kicking off another first for network television tonight with "Watch Jimmy with Jimmy Week." Each night, Fallon's Late Night UStream live webcast will start about an hour before the show itself airs so everyone can say hi and get welcomed and whatnot by the time the NBC broadcast begins at 12:35 a.m. Eastern and 11:35 p.m. Central. Fans already are in there chatting away. You can log-in from Twitter, AIM, Facebook or MySpace. While the show is on your TV, Fallon will be providing live commentary and more on your computer. The stream will repeat for the Mountain and Pacific time zoners. My friends who work on the Late Night blog say they'll be helping Fallon out, along with other staffers and surprise guests. Surprise guests? Sounds like...

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Your Netflix queue now offers instantly all Comedy Central Presents, Live at Gotham & Premium Blend!

I saw this Videogum post and thought, well, if Netflix offers all of the half-hour Comedy Central Presents, then maybe they'd be crazy enough to offer the first three seasons of Live at Gotham and all nine seasons of Premium Blend? Why, yes, they are that crazy. Well, calm down. Because they don't include this year's crop of CCPs or Live at Gothams, so you'll just have to wait a little bit longer for the new ones to jump to instant anytime...

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What’s on Carlos Mencia’s mind? An “Americanizer” bit, and he tries explaining himself to Marc Maron

Marc Maron sat down recently with Carlos Mencia and tried to figure out what makes Mencia tick, as well as what has made Mencia tick off so many other comedians. Turns out one installment of Maron's WTF podcast would not be enough, as (spoiler alert) Maron decides at the end that he needs to follow-up with some additional questions. So look for that later this week. Listen to part one of Marc Maron and Carlos Mencia on WTF here. In the meantime, here is the sketch that Mencia referred to early in his conversation with Maron — Mencia said it's exactly what you think it would be, a spoof on infomercials that's promoting an "Americanizer kit" for illegal immigrants to fit in and not be outed by Arizona's law enforcement. Roll the...

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Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten leak another spoof from “Spoof” with this sketch about Charles Darwin

Last week, we saw what Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten thought FOX would want to see on TV with their spoof of Lost. Now we see another sketch from their pilot, also called Spoof, apparently, that looks at the life of Charles Darwin, who introduced us to the concept of evolution. Bonus points to comedy nerds who recognize the Catholic leader as Brian McCann. So, is this making you more or less excited about such a TV show? Roll the...

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