Day: May 20, 2010

Interview: Donald Glover talks about being ready for opportunities whenever they may come

Two years ago, Donald Glover was a writer for Emmy-winning best sitcom 30 Rock, which is quite an achievement for anyone straight out of college. A year ago, Glover had left that show to pursue a career in front of the screen, booked what he thought was a small role in another NBC pilot, Community, and starred in an independent film (Mystery Team, out on DVD next week) he and his partners in Derrick Comedy mostly self-financed and debuted in Sundance. And in the past year, Glover has seen his early efforts in stand-up comedy result in two different Comedy Central specials, recording and filming both a Live at Gotham spot and a half-hour Comedy Central Presents. Oh, and he's also a rapper, aka Childish Gambino. The 26-year-old Glover talked to me about all of this earlier this week in advance of tonight's first-season finale of Community and his headlining weekend Friday and Saturday at Comix comedy club in New York City. As I recall, you only thought your Community character, Troy, would be on for a few episodes? "I didn't think I'd be a heavy character. I didn't think I'd be in all of the episodes. Things have worked out." He laughs. One of the break-out moments of the show was your final-minute segments with "Abed" (Danny Pudi). How'd that come about? "I think they wanted tags. NBC wanted tags. And me...

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Broadway will be getting a little more Pee-wee Herman and friends this fall! #peeweebroadway

Paul Reubens and his stage producer Scott Sanders announced today that Reubens' hit stage comeback show of alter-ego Pee-wee Hermans will be Broadway-bound this fall, with a six-week limited engagement at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, 124 W. 43rd St. — Previews bowing Oct. 26, an official opening on Nov. 11, and running through Dec. 5. Tickets go on sale June 1. Pee-wee alerted his fans on Facebook and Twitter just before the announcement, telling followers: "Time for my secret announcement! Just a couple minutes! Get ready to SCREAM REAL LOUD 'cuz there's even a word of the day for you!" Turns out the secret word is two words. He suggested "my pals on Facebook" enter GLOBEY at for pre-sale ticket access, while "you awesome fans in the twitterverse" should enter the word SCREAM. After finding out that at 57, Reubens not only could still pull off the role of Pee-wee, but that fans would pack a theatre and love the results — he had a sold-out run in Los Angeles earlier this year — he now has to wait until the fall to see if he can duplicate his success in New York City. As he told the New York Times in an interview today, he's already impatient: "The pressure of Twittering and Facebook posting between now and when I open is just...

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Eddie Murphy says he’s itching to return to stand-up, shows he can still do a Bill Cosby impersonation

Did you know that Eddie Murphy was a guest last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? I know, I know. Perhaps you don't think that's an exciting thing worth tuning in to see in 2010. But the chat segment last night yielded some interesting fruit for comedy fans. For one thing, Murphy, now 49, told Leno that he has been writing new jokes and is itching to return to stand-up — something he hasn't really done in more than two decades. Murphy is one of those stand-up superstars who, when he became a big box-office movie star, focused more on that and other interests and dropped the stand-up entirely. He has put out more music albums than comedy product since his 1987 stand-up concert film, Eddie Murphy: Raw. In recent years, his older brother Charlie Murphy has launched his own stand-up career and been the more visible fixture in that regard. So there's that. Though being subdued for most of his panel session with Leno last night, Eddie Murphy did show the audience that he still remembers how to impersonate Bill Cosby. And that prompted another interesting nugget, as Leno talked about a rare, possibly out-of-print album that Cosby had recorded called "After Hours" that contained more adult subject matter than the standard Cosby stories. Cos apparently recorded that at the old Village Gate in NYC, a...

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You can go home again: Lucas Molandes wins 25th annual Funniest Person in Austin contest

Congratulations to Lucas Molandes, who in his return to both Austin and stand-up comedy after a sabbatical lasting more than a year, won the 25th annual Funniest Person in Austin contest earlier this week at Cap City Comedy Club. Molandes, 30, delivered a set that focused on reevaluating his own life, as well as the notions of midlife crises and old age. Here's the winning routine: Coincidentally, the Austin American-Statesman profiled Molandes a few weeks ago before the start of the competition, and talked to him about how he moved to New York after performing at Montreal's "New Faces" and Live at Gotham, only to drop out of the comedy scene for more than a year, and also moving back in with his parents in Austin. I've already been a fan of Molandes, so I'm glad to see him back...

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This happened: WABC-TV report on vasectomies bleeps the word “balls” but talks up Dr. Seaman

I know this is not about comedians, but sometimes the comedian in me sees something so bizarre that I have to share it with you. Or maybe I'm just very self-aware about the immaturity of all of us. Which is what happened on my TV last night during the 11 p.m. newscast for WABC-TV, Ch. 7, when reporter Phil Lipof delivered a trend piece about vasectomy surgeries during the recession. Who does he turn to as his expert on this? Dr. Seaman, naturally. Hold your giggles, because Lipof is just fine talking about how Seaman will help men with their vasectomies, and even lets Seaman show you graphically how the process works. But when Lipof interviews a woman on the street, he cracks up when she asks if she can say the word "balls" on TV, and then they bleep the word. This all happened. Here's the clip (and what they don't show you is when they cut back to the anchors, and Liz Cho is suppressing any kind of visible reaction to the report). Roll it! It must be Safe For Work if they showed it on the news,...

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