Day: May 19, 2010

The Naked Cowboy will host a monthly comedy show at Carolines. Times Square freaks FTW?

Great news, America. "The World's Most Celebrated Entertainer. An American Legend. A New York City icon," is now hosting a monthly comedy show at Carolines on Broadway just north of Times Square. I speak, of course, of The Naked Cowboy. Or that's how he describes himself. Yes, the man who's not actually naked, and what cowboy doesn't stand in Times Square all day in his tighty whiteys, am I right, ladies? This guy. After a decade of gaining press and notoriety as a guy in a cowboy hat, guitar and underwear who poses with tourists, the Naked Cowboy — aka Robert Burck — has been rewarded with his very own monthly stand-up comedy showcase at Carolines. The Naked Cowboy Comedy Revue kicks off June 2. On the bill with Burck: Dustin Chafin, Esther Ku, Julian McCullough and James Smith. Tickets are $20. Here's a quote from Burck via press release: ‚ÄúI‚Äôm really excited about hosting this new show at Carolines. It‚Äôs not going to be your average comedy show. I‚Äôm all about interacting with the people, so I‚Äôm planning on having the audience be part of the show. There will plenty of laughs, but we‚Äôll also have some great music and a lot of surprises, too. You won‚Äôt want to miss it.‚Äù No. You certainly cannot see this kind of interactive show every day. If it takes "practice" to...

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Paul Provenza takes us behind the “Green Room” and introduces us to his friends the “Satiristas!”

When you talk about people who live up to the title of this site, you have to consider that Paul Provenza is indeed a "comic's comic." With his longtime friend, Penn Jillete, Provenza produced the documentary, The Aristocrats, which got dozens of comedians on the record talking about and modifying a joke so inside that most other comedians didn't even know it existed. In recent years, Provenza also has hosted a live comedian talk show at Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival that has begat a TV series this summer on Showtime called The Green Room. He's also interviewed dozens of comedians for a book he collaborated on with photographer Dan Dion called ¬°Satiristas!, which came out last week. You can open it up just about anywhere and find a lively discussion between Provenza and a famous (or should-be famous) comedian about what it's like to tell truth to power. The book tour has brought him to New York City today, with a show and book signing tonight at Gotham Comedy Club. He has more signings and performances later this month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let's watch a couple of previews of Provenza's TV show, then talk to him about both the show and the book! First of all, let's get the meta weirdness out of the way up top. Because here I am, a former comedian...

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