Day: May 18, 2010

“Big Lake,” Comedy Central’s Funny or Die multi-cam sitcom, was screened before a live audience

Chris Gethard, Horatio Sanz presented an exclusive preview of their upcoming Comedy Central sitcom, Big Lake, that was more than just your basic sneak peek. For one thing, the audience last night at the UCB Theatre would be providing the live laugh track for two episodes that already were taped as a multi-camera sitcom (without an audience) at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City. Well, I guess that one thing would be enough, wouldn't it? But Gethard and Sanz themselves acknowledged it was their first time seeing any of the footage themselves, too! Gethard joked for the packed audience — which also included fellow cast members Chris Parnell and Dylan Blue, others from Gary Sanchez Productions (Funny or Die) such as Owen Burke and Chris Henchy, and still others from UCB's L.A. branch who'd come "home" to catch a glimpse of FoD's first sitcom. We didn't get to see the pilot, but we did get to watch two of the other first 10 episodes ordered by Comedy Central (with the network holding an option to order 90 more). In the lead role, Gethard told us that everyone in the supporting cast plays a different level of crazy, which is odd, because as he said: "My character singlehandedly brought down a bank. An institution. And I'm the straight-man." "You say straight-man. I say Irish Woody Allen," Sanz added. So Gethard's...

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Watch Reggie Watts perform “Why S#!+ So Crazy,” then buy his “genius” music and comedy CD/DVD

Reggie Watts is a musician. Reggie Watts is a comedian. But he is much more than just a musical comedian. He has a way with words, sounds and concepts that plays with your expectations of music and comedy and twists them into a pretzel that tastes so much better than any pretzel you've ever eaten, so much so that you wonder, where did he make his dough? Every performance by Watts — currently on tour as the opening act for Conan O'Brien — is a singular sensation, as individual as the man himself. That tour certainly is exposing Watts to a much wider audience, and you and they will be pleased to know that he has a new CD and DVD out today, "Why S#!+ So Crazy," on Comedy Central Records. The network also is airing his 54-minute DVD overnight tonight from 2:30-3:45 a.m. (stay up late or set your DVRs!). Much of the CD is live, and at the end of a 15-minute track in which Watts describes his life story and some of his personal choices, a fan yells out "You're a genius, Reggie Watts!" It's a testament to his "genius" that for as many times as I have seen him live over the years, barely any of his past performances shows up (save for "F@<% S#!+ Stack," which is a recorded music track as well as a...

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Just For Laughs Chicago to host All-Star “Da Bears” Charity Tribute with Mike Ditka, Super Fans & more

At last year's inaugural Just For Laughs Chicago festival, I sat down with Robert Smigel and asked him about the legacy of his "Da Bears" SNL Super Fans sketch. This year, JFL Chicago is bringing Smigel back for a "Da Bears" charity tribute Super Fans extravaganza, featuring Smigel, former Bears coach Mike Ditka, George Wendt, Joe Mantegna, Bob Odenkirk and the Sun-Times' Richard Roeper. They'll be performing a live reading of Da Bears Movie Dat Wasn't, a never-produced screenplay, as well as show Super Fan sketches, welcome surprise guests, and do a Q&A with Ditka. It's all happening June 19 to benefit Have Dreams: Helping Autistic Voices Emerge and the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. Wow. Here's part of my chat with Smigel to refresh your memories. But that's not all. Just For Laughs Chicago also unveiled a big ol' slate of additional shows for next month's festival, as well as adding shows for Aziz Ansari, putting John Mulaney and Kyle Kinane on the "ALT" show that already boasted Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford and Chris Hardwick, and put Jim Belushi along with the planned Second City class of 1979 reunion show. Allow me to cut-and-paste-and-edit the new shows for your enjoyment…I'll see you there? My Boys ‚Äì Thursday, June 17, at 7 p.m. at Mayne Stage: My Boys cast members Reid Scott, Mike Bunin and Jamie Kaler perform live to usher in the fourth season of their TBS sitcom....

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If Funny or Die’s UK branch shuts down via Tumblr, maybe that explains why it shut down

I have some good news to share with you regarding Funny or Die, but before you get the good news, I have to deliver the bad news. Which comes to us via James Serafinowicz, brother of Peter, who announced today via his Tumblr that the Funny or Die UK site would be shutting down on Friday, after only 18 months as an Internet destination. He wrote: It’s been a great 18 months and I feel like we’ve made some really good stuff along the way. Would really like to thank everyone who watched and supported the content that we were making. James x Where are all of the Brits watching their original funny videos, then? YouTube (which celebrates its fifth anniversary this week)? Or somewhere else? What does this say about our Internet habits? And what does it say that one of the FOD UK exclusive front page videos today is from Pablo Francisco? No, it doesn't mean that we're already deporting our Arizona comedians. But if you'd like to see Francisco's new video, roll it! He's offering personalized voice mails for you Brits (but not Britneys). Pablo Francisco's Personalized Voicemail System Рwatch more funny...

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