Day: May 13, 2010

Celebrity Autobiography is becoming a weekly series on My Damn Channel

Not sure how I missed this news yesterday, but My Damn Channel has announced that it's taking the live showcase of famous people reading memoirs of famous people, aka Celebrity Autobiography, and turning it into a weekly web series on Wednesdays starting May 19. Here's the trailer: Related: My interview with Scott Adsit about Celebrity Autobiography. The next live show is June 7 at the Triad Theatre in...

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Derrick Comedy’s new project that will revolutionize the way you view the Internet

Do you enjoy the Facebook and the YouTube? Do you wish they could be better? Wait. They could be better? Derrick Comedy (Donald Glover, DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes) has discovered a way to make it happen. Frankly, they had me at Shmorkle-Blinxx. You can see Glover tonight on NBC's Community, and the whole Derrick crew on Mystery Team, out on DVD May 25. OK. Roll the...

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Greg Giraldo on judging “Last Comic Standing,” balancing his personal and professional lives

Audiences are getting to know comedian Greg Giraldo a little better this spring and summer, thanks to his role as a judge on NBC's Last Comic Standing. They learned even more about Giraldo last week when he served as a guest on the network's celebrity panel for The Marriage Ref alongside Jerry Seinfeld and Gwyneth Paltrow — after one funny response by Giraldo to a married couple's "dilemma," Seinfeld chimed in about Giraldo:  "We got to get more people on the show who are going through ugly divorces." I caught up with Giraldo last night and asked him about that and more, as he headlines in New York City this weekend, May 13-15, at Comix. How did Last Comic Standing approach you about being a judge this season? "They said, 'Hey are you familiar with the show Last Comic Standing.' What do you mean? They sent a carrier pigeon. They sent a large retinue of giants. They just asked me, Sean. By the time my manager got it to me, he said, you know there's really talk of them doing justice to comedy this season. Wasn't that supposedly what they were doing in the past? I never watched that show. I guess I watched the first season with the house. I knew Andy Kindler was attached to it (this time). The reality was I just wanted the money." Did NBC...

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