Day: May 5, 2010

Watch Donald Glover and Craig Ferguson enjoy the silence, ending The Late Late Show deep in thought

On last night's edition of The Late Late Show, host Craig Ferguson welcomed Donald Glover back onto the program and truly saved the best for last. Their chat easily could have gone completely off the rails once Glover explained that his Twitter handle used to confuse people that he was @DongLover instead of @DonGlover (he's @MrDonaldGlover now, fancy to go with his suit and tie). And well, @CraigyFerg did let things get weird. But in his own special way. And Glover was right there with him, as they enjoyed not one, but two extended pauses that ended the show. It's fun when a talk show is really a talk show and not merely a vehicle to promote a celebrity's latest project (though we did see a clip from Mystery Team, out on DVD on May 21). Let's watch! As good as Glover was being silent on a talk show, he's not as good at keeping a secret, since his "secret" stand-up show this Friday at the UCB Theatre in New York City has been on the schedule long enough for advance reservations to sell...

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@ZaniesNashville comedy club spared from floods, offers “flood relief” prices this weekend

When I saw the TV footage from a very flooded Nashville, Tenn., earlier this week, I sent an email to the staff at Zanies comedy club and found out they remained fairly high and dry. Or at least not flooded, which is a better fate than what's befallen the Grand Ole Opry and much of "Music City." Zanies did cancel its show last night due to flooding, but planned to reopen tonight with a free show headlined by Mike Speenberg. According to the club's Twitter feed and Facebook page, Zanies Nashville also is offering free tickets and reduced $5 "flood relief" ticket pricing for its weekend shows with Chris...

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Interview: Anjelah Johnson is a good Christian girl who got big in comedy by going viral. Now what?

It's likely you have seen comedian Anjelah Johnson before, but may not immediately know where to place it. Perhaps you've seen her in the past few months either in an episode of Ugly Betty, or working with Alvin and the Chipmunks in their movie squeakquel, or as a sister of the bride in Our Family Wedding. If that doesn't shake your brains, then perhaps you saw her as a cast member for a hot minute in 2007-2008 on MADtv. Although if you're on the Internet (and you are), then you may be among the 32 million and counting who have watched her MADtv character of "Bon Qui Qui," or the 16 million and counting who have seen her description of a trip to the "Nail Salon." Of course, Johnson wants you to know more about her comedy than that. The San Jose, Calif., native accomplished that earlier this year with her hourlong special and CD/DVD, That's How We Do It (read my thoughts on that). This weekend, Anjelah Johnson makes her first headlining club stops to New York City at Comix. She spoke with me recently about her fast-rising career. I knew our interview would be running late because you said on Twitter @anjelahjohnson you were out on a hike. How much do you use Twitter for fun and how much to build your fan base as a comedian? "I haven't...

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Denis Leary talks up second edition of The Rescue Me Comedy Tour with Adam Ferrara, Lenny Clarke

Denis Leary held court recently with reporters to talk up his upcoming Rescue Me Comedy Tour 2, the sequel, with his TV co-stars and longtime friends in Boston comedy — Adam Ferrara and Lenny Clarke — and his band, The Enablers. It kicks off May 22 at The Borgata in Atlantic City and continues through the end of June, wrapping up with two nights at Town Hall in New York City. In between, they'll hit D.C., San Diego, L.A., Vegas, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Cleveland. Leary, Ferrara and Clarke also just uploaded a "podcast" to promote the tour, essentially an informal NSFW chat that turns into talk about kinky sex. And it's a three-camera shoot! Roll the clip: Now, as for the tour itself, here's what Leary had to say last week: "Parts of it we do by bus because it‚Äôs really a lot of fun, and it‚Äôs much easier to travel, obviously, than having to go to the airport all the time. But, I think most people would be surprised. I‚Äôve known Lenny for 30-something years and Adam for at least twelve now. So, it‚Äôs very funny and it‚Äôs non-stop, constant bickering because all we do is insult each other and make fun of each other. Now, Whitney Cummings, who‚Äôs a young female comedian, who did our benefit in Boston, the Comics Come Home Benefit that we do...

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