Day: April 25, 2010

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson goes to Hollywood to debate Bush (James Adomian)

This is unusual. Alan Grayson, a Democratic congressman from Florida, will debate former GOP President George W. Bush tonight — except it's not really Bush but instead comedian James Adomian, and the live debate is happening as part of a comedy benefit in Hollywood that also will feature performances by Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Dore and Eddie Pepitone. The event begins at 6 p.m. Pacific at M Bar. Ticket info here. For background, here's a video Adomian starred in last November wondering how Congressman Grayson could be a "Democrat with guts." Roll the...

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Upright Citizens Brigade video considers “Funny John Mayer” just another urban legend

I've written plenty about musician John Mayer's sincere efforts to perform stand-up comedy on the side, and spoken at length with John Mayer one night about how his attempts at comedy sometimes can go far, far astray. He cares about comedy as an art, even if he doesn't always get it right, or yet to figure out how to balance his real-life rock star persona with the material he's saying onstage. That said… The Upright Citizens Brigade took aim at Mayer in their latest original UCB Comedy video, in which narrator Matt Besser, John Gemberling and Brett Gelman, among others, discuss the notion of "Funny John Mayer" as just an urban legend. The YouTube comments, not surprisingly, are a bit of a hoot, with Mayer's fans calling out the UCB. Roll the...

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“I Am Comic,” reviewed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and talked up by director Jordan Brady

Is I Am Comic the best documentary about stand-up comedy? Not entirely sure about that just yet, although the DVD and extras might tip the scales. Certainly, Jordan Brady's I Am Comic gives viewers one of the broadest looks inside the minds and the world of working stand-up comedians. And sometimes one of the silliest. Near the top of the 85-minute film, Dave Attell mocks the very idea of a stand-up documentary and suggests that perhaps the only way to do it right would be to interview comedians while they lick giant lollipops. Since this is a film about comedians by a comedian, you can rest assured that'll get covered. Brady introduces himself as a former stand-up, and as a guy who toured the road with Ritch Shydner, Brady visits Shydner's home to enlist him in getting comedians to talk on camera. In doing so, the film becomes a bit of a companion piece or sequel to "I Killed," the book of comedy road stories that Shydner had compiled several years ago. The comedians who talk to Shydner and Brady run the gamut from Jeff Foxworthy, Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan, Tim Allen, Tommy Davidson, Brian Regan, Nikki Glaser (who invites them into the Tampa Improv comedy condo), Margaret Cho, Carlos Mencia (who — believe it or not — admits to stealing jokes and ideas from other comedians! Spoiler alert!),...

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John Mulaney calls out Girl Scouts on cookie sales in his SNL stand-up debut on Weekend Update

Even three time zones away, my radar went nuts overnight tonight with people buzzing about brilliant young stand-up comedian John Mulaney, who is a writer for Saturday Night Live and got his own segment during SNL's Weekend Update last night. Seth Meyers tossed to Mulaney so he could opine for a few minutes about the Girl Scouts, their wonderful cookies, and their horrible sales and marketing program. That's really all I need to say to set up this clip. Roll the clip! We all look forward to more topical Weekend Update missives from Mr. Mulaney. That's going to happen, right? Right? Right. Roll...

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