Day: April 13, 2010

Kevin Pollak goes for the jocular in new mockumentary online series, “Vamped Out”

Fresh off his win and nominations in the Streamy Awards, Kevin Pollak decided to take one of the lessons from the "how to get a nomination" video close to heart by directing, co-writing and co-creating a new online mockumentary series involving vampires, called Vamped Out. Because that's the rage these days. The kids cannot get enough of the vampires. Vamped Out debuted yesterday on Babelgum with the first of its six-part weekly series. Pollak plays the filmmaker following real-life vampire (co-writer/creator Jason Antoon) who is such a struggling actor that he cannot even get booked a role as a vampire. Seana Kofoed plays the vampire's girlfriend, who conveniently works at a blood bank, and Samm Levine plays his manager who also lives in the vampire's pool house. Hints of Spinal Tap, but with more suspense. Suspense! Here's the first episode. Roll...

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Sketch groups take note: Harvard Sailing Team films sketches; gets interviewed live on CBS News

This should serve as a lesson to all of you sketch groups out there. If you have a great sketch that hits when you perform it live in the theater, then maybe you should consider thinking outside of the black box and filming it in the "real world," then uploading it to the Internet where everyone can see it. That's what Harvard Sailing Team finally did with the gender role reversal scenes earlier this month — and this morning, four of their members appeared live on The Early Show on CBS. Harry Smith seemed to get a bit carried away with his questioning of the role-playing, because as he says, it mirrors his own view of reality all too well. I would have hoped he had asked them more about the group instead of trying to get them to answer questions as the opposite gender, but hey, they got themselves national TV exposure. So kudos on that. You can see Harvard Sailing Club weekly at The PIT in NYC. Roll the...

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Watch a new Last Comic Standing teaser, semifinal action this week in Los Angeles

I'm in New York City, so I can only tell you half of the season seven story of Last Comic Standing with firsthand knowledge, but I almost don't want to tell you how much I know already. You've figured out by now, if you've been looking for intel, that I didn't post names of any of the 48 people to make it to the semifinal rounds, which will tape tonight and tomorrow night in Los Angeles. For now, let me just say that at least half of the semifinalists already are veteran feature and headliner acts with TV credits, so that bodes well. We'll have to see how they winnow down the field, and what they do with the finalists. Apparently, you can still ask for tickets to find out who those people are, at both Last Comic Standing tapings at the Alex Theater in Glendale. And NBC has released this new teaser featuring footage from the initial auditions and callbacks at Hollywood last month. The show returns June 7. Roll the...

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Chris Rock talks shop with George Lopez, Bill Maher; judges SF stand-ups in “Chris Rock Band”

Some comedians are more than eager to work their well-honed routines into interviews when they go on late-night TV. Chris Rock is a piece of work, though, because he hits the clubs for a solid couple of weeks before he hits the promotional circuit to write and develop new material for his appearances. Such has been the case these past few nights as Rock went on Late Show with David Letterman — sticking it to Letterman repeatedly about his adultery problem, and also Tiger Woods — then Real Time with Bill Maher, and last night Lopez Tonight. The conversations always go back to the project Rock is promoting, in this case the movie Death at a Funeral. But I found it interesting that both Maher and George Lopez preferred to talk comedy shop with Rock first. And in last night's case, Lopez also had Rock judge three "audience members" try to impersonate Rock's bits in an ad-hoc game of "Chris Rock Band." When I heard one of the audience members say his name was Sadiki, my radar ears twitched. Today my friends at SF Stand-Up confirmed that the audience members actually were three San Francisco Bay Area comedians: Julian Vance, Keith Jensen & Sadiki Fuller. Here's their efforts, complete with leather jackets. Lopez: "Have you ever thought of doing stand-up?" Jensen: "Yeah. All the time." And here is Rock talking...

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Don’t read or watch this if you don’t want to know about Conan O’Brien’s first live tour stop

The live North American tour for Conan O'Brien and company debuted last night in Eugene, Ore., and both press and fans were there in force to document and spoiler alert the whole thing! So if you have tickets to an upcoming show, or don't have tickets, do you want to know what you're in for? If you saw the headline, then you must be OK knowing these things, or seeing that Andy Richter is there, as is Triumph the Insult Dog, as is the Masturbating Bear, who turns into the Self-Pleasuring Panda as to avoid NBC repercussions for intellectual property… Among those filing early reviews and recaps were The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Times, as well as locally by the Eugene Register-Guard. Team Coco also has its blogger Aaron Bleyaert filing reports from the road. Reggie Watts is onboard as the opening act and apparently gets a solid half-hour and then some to razzle dazzle audiences with his musical comedy genius. But there's plenty of music to follow from Conan and his band (except no Max?). Here's a fan clip of Conan performing "I Will Survive" with some changed lyrics. The tour continues through...

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