Day: April 12, 2010

Broadway postponement frees up Patton Oswalt for role in NBC sitcom pilot with Matthew Broderick

We still don't know exactly why Megan Mullally quit the Broadway revival of "Lips Together, Teeth Apart," which was supposed to provide Patton Oswalt with his debut on the Great White Way over the weekend — but we do know that Oswalt has reason to stick around New York City this month and something to fill his free time. The trades reported tonight that Patton Oswalt picked up a co-starring role in Beach Lane, the NBC half-hour sitcom pilot featuring Matthew Broderick as "a celebrity author hired by an irresponsible millionaire heir to run his struggling small-town newspaper in the Hamptons." Oswalt will play the irresponsible millionaire heir. Kristen Johnston also co-stars, in the sitcom created by Paul Simms and produced by Lorne Michaels and Marci Klein. The Beach Lane pilot will tape before a sold-out audience April 22 in New York City. (THR, Audiences...

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Conan O’Brien’s live tour begins in Oregon. Now that he’s joining TBS, will his tour end in Chicago?

Big day for Conan O'Brien, his workers and his fans on Team Coco. By now we all know that TBS outfoxed FOX and snagged Conan to what's widely being reported as a five-year deal to air Monday-Thursday at 11 p.m. (with Conan owning the show), broadcast from Los Angeles and likely very close by the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank where George Lopez tapes Lopez Tonight (which will move to midnights). And by all accounts, the deal happened because Lopez and TBS both were OK with Conan bumping Lopez to midnight — the very thing Conan was not cool with Leno and NBC doing to him. The TBS party line, and the early word from Conan's team to New York Times late-night TV chronicler Bill Carter echoed that sentiment, saying that Lopez himself called Conan to sell him on the idea. You can read their quotes on the page TBS set up this afternoon for Conan, along with this short video incorporating the "I'm With Coco" image from Mike Mitchell to read "Coco Is With TBS." But, wait. Didn't I bury the lede that my headline suggests? Right right. Conan O'Brien also begins his live stage tour of the United States and Canada tonight in Eugene, Ore. Team Coco's "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour" ends in Atlanta (home of TBS) on June 14. If you like...

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How do you get a Streamy Award nomination? The Fine Bros. video the Streamys wouldn’t let you see

That headline seems so salacious, doesn't it? Why wouldn't the Streamy Awards let you see this video by The Fine Bros. revealing the secrets to earning a Streamy nomination? Oh, that's right. It's because the awards ceremony buckled under the strain of technology and froze the video before it ended. Well, if you want to watch the whole thing, here goes. Spoiler alert: Are you smarter than a celebrity? Roll it. Featuring: Mark Gantt, Kevin Pollak, Sandeep Parikh & Tony Janning, Craig Frank, Jessica Lee Rose, Kristen Hager, Adam Chambers, Shane Dawson, iJustine, Tatyana Ali and the cast of "Dorm...

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The messy 2010 Streamy Awards, and what they say about how we watch the WWW now

Each year, Paul Scheer presides over one of the most raucous, madcap moments in comedy as host of the improvised Match Game parody that happens in the wee hours during the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater's Del Close Marathon. Did that prepare Scheer for the mess that was last night's Streamy Awards? Not exactly. As Scheer posted via Twitter overnight afterward: "Thanks everyone for watching the Streamy Award Tech Rehearsal." Even before everything stopped working properly, the second annual Streamy Awards were a bit confusing for people inside the Orpheum in Los Angeles and everywhere else watching online. Nick Kroll and Jon Daly as "The Ed Hardy Boyz" shocked and awed the crowd with their repartee, and later on, Rob Huebel as a porn pioneer receiving a lifetime achievement Streamy brought even more raunch. And that's not even counting the two streakers, or the two other YouTubers who jumped the stage to jump Chris Hardwick and "LisaNova." Felicia Day, who won a Streamy for the second straight year, went on Twitter afterward to apologize, saying: "Sorry to any of our fans who watched and were offended by the raunchiness at the Streamys.The tone of humor was not honoring the evening IMO." Here's a glimpse of what happened with Hardwick and his rant afterward: The Fine Brothers presented a video that froze up. Buffering, buffering, nope. Mark Douglas and other Streamy...

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Holly Montag incorporated drunk heckling of Chris Franjola into her own stand-up comedy debut?

The last time we remember Holly Montag making news in a comedy club, Montag and her friend were getting kicked out of The Laugh Factory last July and drunk heckling Chris Franjola. Nine months later, the incident apparently has given birth to Montag's idea of a career in stand-up comedy. Or at least a guest set at The Comedy Store the other night. After using an AA intro, she joked about drinking and decided to use her run-in with Franjola as a routine — although by calling him a ginger, she may have gotten him confused with his Chelsea Lately co-worker Brad Wollack. Montag then went on to joke about being an outcast not only among her real family and fake family from The Hills, but also in Los Angeles in general. Franjola was on the Chelsea Lately roundtable late last week, but I don't think they brought it up then. Hmmm. Maybe this week? If this becomes a habit, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, we'll consider it just another Hollywood Hollyweird Holly Montag moment. Roll the...

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