Day: April 11, 2010

SNL #35.18 with Tina Fey, Justin Bieber

If you're lucky, every once in a while, you get to experience one of your favorite TV shows as an audience member, from inside the belly of the beast — or if you're talking about last night's SNL, inside the belly of the Bieber. Now. I was teased for using that phrase on Twitter last night, but when it turns out that my wordplay is nowhere nearly as creepy as how SNL itself turned out, well, jeepers creepers Biebers, I'm fairly sure all of the tween girls who tuned in were shocked and amazed by all of the aggressively sexual material. Not that it wasn't all funny. Much of it was. Just thinking maybe it was a bit more mature than its audience. Heck. Maybe not. Kids these days, right? I don't know. But I can tell you that as an audience member at the dress rehearsal, they made some great decisions about where to trim, and what to cut entirely for the live show. If only you could have seen the other ad spoof they had ready…not going to say anything more lest they decide to air it next week (or during the Betty White episode). Recap, shall we? Considering what a poor track record the show has had recently with its political cold opens, this one with President Obama (Fred Armisen) leading viewers through the Census form...

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NBC uploads SNL’s “Sarah Palin Network” sketch with Tina Fey before its West Coast airing!

This is the world we live in now. With outsiders uploading live TV video onto their own sites with their own players, NBC must have decided, if they can't beat them, join them. Because tonight's Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Tina Fey spoofing Sarah Palin (and also siding with Team Coco, and in a very minor indirect way, poking fun at Oprah) with the "Sarah Palin Network" is online at before SNL airs on the West Coast. Wow. Well, it's certainly funny, and certainly funnier than the version shown at the dress rehearsal (they trimmed it a bit, and Fey also delivers a more precise Palin here than earlier in the evening). But enough from me — I can tell you a whole bunch more about this episode of SNL in my full recap to come in the morning. Roll the...

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