Day: April 5, 2010

Pic of the day: The Onion visits Martha Stewart for her April Fool’s Day broadcast

In case you missed it, for April Fool's Day, Martha Stewart's daytime chat show included plenty of pranks, and to make sure some of the humor was, well, actually humorous, she invited The Onion's Joe Garden and Carol Kolb to set up a fake anchor desk in her studio. Of course, Martha has an actual onion in front of her. What else is she supposed to do? If you want to watch Martha Stewart peel an onion with The Onion's Joe Garden and Carol Kolb, roll it from...

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Yet another warning from the archives: Chris Rock told Conan O’Brien in 2005 not to anger Jay Leno

Someone used their hot tub time machine over the weekend to bring this TV highlight out of hiding. Five years ago, Chris Rock warned Conan O'Brien that if he made Jay Leno angry, Leno would stick around for another 20 years on The Tonight Show. Comedians knew what was coming. Just like Artie Lange predicted in 2008 and Norm MacDonald predicted in 2009. Roll the...

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This Robot Chicken “Star Wars” sitcom must be a late April Fool’s joke, right? Right?

As Dave Itzkoff at the New York Times reminds us all, the boys-to-men of Robot Chicken have been playing with their Star Wars action figures on our Cartoon Network Adult Swim TV channel for years now. That still doesn't make his report today any less unsettling: George Lucas is planning a Star Wars comedy series. Please, dear Lord of the Force. Make it stop. This isn't a matter of me being too old and not getting it anymore as much as it Lucas himself being too old and not getting it anymore. We've all had our Star Wars fix. It's fixed. We're done. No mas. We've had our fun. We've had our fill. If Seth Green and Matthew Senreich still want to play with their action figures, that's their call. And as long as there are kids who want to watch cartoons, Lucas is going to continue making millions from his minions who churn out new toons based on the series. But this is past the point of ridiculous. Right? Are there really that many people who want to see the Star Wars characters in a new sitcom? In completely coincidental news, the grown-up kids at CollegeHumor released a Star Wars Google parody today. Timely!? Roll it if you...

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Live video: Henry Winkler, calm in a 7.2 earthquake; anything stronger, “The Fonz” pees his pants

Kevin Pollak records his live Internet talk show late on Sunday afternoons (you can see past episodes of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show here), and this Sunday was supposed to be no different, as Henry Winkler sat down to chat with Pollak about all things funny. Even though Californians are used to earthquakes — most of them live along a major fault line — Sunday's 7.2 earthquake, which had an epicenter just south of the border into Baja California, shook, rattled and rolled for longer than they were used to. This could be some very boring live video, since nobody got hurt, and you can hardly see any evidence of a quake, but Winkler — still best known to a generation as "The Fonz" from TV's Happy Days, had quips at the ready. Turns out if the 7.2 had been either stronger or closer to Los Angeles, we would have seen him lose his eternal cool. Roll...

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