Day: April 2, 2010

Iliza Shlesinger puts up with more questions about Last Comic Standing and sexuality in comedy

Iliza Shlesinger is in New York City this weekend co-headlining at Comix with Kyle Cease. It's not as odd a pairing as when I saw her last at Comix with Glenn Wool, nor, as it turns out, nearly as odd as some of Shlesinger's early stand-up gigs. "I've definitely been paired up with stranger acts," she said (pictured at right by Seth Olenick). "When I first started out in comedy, I opened up for big black guys." Why? "I guess the bookers thought, she's a cute little white girl and that's a funny juxtaposition for them to see." With Last Comic Standing returning for the first time since you won two years ago, do you have any advice for the comedians who decide to give it a go? "Just be funny. I keep getting phone calls from people who are participating, people who wre auditioning for it. Don't save your material for some unforseen date. If youre a comedian you should be able to write more material. Do your best stuff. You're not there to make friends. You're there to win a competition. You're there for yourself so don't worry about anyone else." What did winning the show mean for your career, aside from winning $250,000 and going on a nationwide theater tour? "I think the most important thing, because cash runs out in the long run, is the...

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Harvard Sailing Team finally puts its two classic gender roleplaying sketches on video

Harvard Sailing Team has been making New York City audiences laugh for years with these two sketches in which the boys and girls play with what you know about boys and girls, and men and women. This week, they finally put them both on video so you could see what the sketches might look like in more realistic settings. One video has gotten passed around today, but both are worth watching. Ladies first! And now the men… You can see Harvard Sailing Team pull off new sketches Saturdays in April at 9:30 p.m. at The...

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Pic of the day: @KevinHart4real gets the CBS FAIL treatment, called “Kevin Hall” on TV and YouTube

On "The Early Show" this morning on CBS, Harry Smith moderated the show's weekly roundup to make jokes about current pop culture events. His guests: Mo Rocca, Iliza Shlesinger and Kevin Hart. Smith paused before saying Iliza's last name, then got Hart's name right without pause. But the CBS graphics department, as well as their YouTube department, decided Kevin Hart is Kevin Hall. Somewhere, I'm yelling "No respect!" Rodney Dangerfield knows what I'm talking about. Here's the video if you care to watch what Rocca, Shlesinger and Hart had to say about this week's pop culture headlines. Hart was in town last night for Hot 97's April Fool's show at Madison Square Garden. Shlesinger is co-headlining Comix tonight and tomorrow. And Rocca is part of the CBS...

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How does Nick Kroll’s bit about text messages fare vs. his “Funny or Die” sketch about text messages

And another thing. Funny or Die just released this video to promote its upcoming spring college tour with Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti and Donald Glover (not pictured in this video), in which they're supposed to be scientific specialists on decoding text messages. Um. Hmmm. Er. Uhhhh. What? Roll it? This is one of those cases that always strikes me as more than a little interesting, because what we have here is a comedian who wrote a bit about a topic, and then later finds himself (or herself, but himself in this case) doing a sketch about the same topic, but with that corporate edge that takes away the edge of the thing. If you have not seen it, here was Kroll's routine imagining an award show for text messages called the Texties. Or one version of it. Presenting evidence in 3, 2, 1… Notice any...

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Dueling brands bring rising stars of whimsy to a college campus near you

Remember the old days when you tried your darnedest to impress college campus social directors at conferences such as NACA, then hit the road for a series of well-paid one-nighters? Well, those days are still here. But more and more, the big corporate brands are doing their own thing. I've heard friends go on college tours sponsored by Comedy Central. This month, we're seeing Funny or Die pair up with Axe for a "Twisted Humor Tour," while Bonnaroo is leaving the Tennessee tents for a series of college dates in sponsorship with U.S. Cellular, because yeah, sure, why not. Both tours feature the the types of rising comedy stars that a friend of mine calls "whimsys" (or is it whimsies). That made me laugh out loud. Maybe these comedians will do the same to you, you college kids, you? The Bonnaroo College Comedy Tour kicked off yesterday, and features Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer, Kumail Nanjiani, with Reggie Watts and Joe DeRosa at selected stops. Funny or Die's Axe Twisted Humor Tour also kicked off last night with a show at the school of laughs known as The Laugh Factory. It features Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti, Whitney Cummings and Donald Glover, with dates and locations yet to be announced. Hey, why not? Announce already. Instead, they tease us with a video. Roll...

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