Day: March 25, 2010

David Cross: Bigger and Blackerer, coming to CD, DVD in May; but on EpixHD in two weeks

Sub Pop announced yesterday it was releasing the first new stand-up comedy special from David Cross in seven years, with the upcoming "Bigger and Blackerer" CD and DVD coming out on May 25. As Sub Pop explained (see the track listing here): The new David Cross album and DVD Bigger and Blackerer was taped during two shows, back-to-back on the same evening at Boston‚Äôs Wilbur Theatre. As will be obvious by the packaging (and maybe some of the words here), this title applies to both a CD and a DVD; separate releases in separate formats with the same name. Though both media are housed on a shiny, silver five-inch disc, each is an entity unto itself. And while there is some overlap, each is full of material that appears solely on one or the other. Only by watching the DVD will you learn of Cross‚Äô unique relationship with the deaf community, share his canny insights into the editorial machinations behind the Bible, and marvel at how well a bald, middle-aged white guy can fill out a pair of jeans. Yet one must listen to the CD in order to hear about gastro-intestinal misadventures with his dog Ollie Red Sox, or sing along with ‚ÄúThe Sultan‚Äôs Revenge,‚Äù the swinging, Vegas-style opening number composed by Cross and his good friend Mark Rivers (author of the theme to Mr. Show). But if your cable/satellite TV provider has...

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Women in Comedy Festival celebrates, supports women in comedy

The second "Women in Comedy Festival" kicked off last night in the Boston area, with shows continuing through the weekend at Improv Boston in Cambridge and Mottley's Comedy Club in Boston. It could easily be another gimmicky thing. But to the credit of festival co-director Maria Ciampa and her fellow organizers, it's not. For one thing, it's not trying to exclude men. ‚ÄúThe ‚Äòwomen‚Äô in Women in Comedy Festival refers to the fact that WICF is directed by, produced by, and features comedy by the ladies,‚Äù Ciampa says. ‚ÄúHowever, men do comedy too, and we don‚Äôt want to exclude anyone. The festival's mission is to create a forum for people to experience the comedic expression of women, see strong female performers and, most importantly, to entertain.‚Äù So, yes, they've booked funny ladies such as Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian, Bonnie McFarlane, Kelly McFarland and Giuila Rozzi, in addition to dozens of other comedians (including a few men) for stand-up, improv and sketch shows each night. Bonnie McFarlane is currently filming a documentary about women in comedy — I saw her and her husband, stand-up Rich Vos, interviewing Chris Rock for the project recently at the Comedy Cellar, and know she'll be working more on that this weekend. Here's an interesting shot Vos took of McFarlane earlier this week, when she donned a disguise as man to perform at Stand-Up NY. It'll...

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Pic of the day: “Are We There Yet?” Not quite, TBS.

Comedian Christian Finnegan shared this snapshot from a publicity moment for his upcoming TBS sitcom adaptation of the movie, Are We There Yet? His caption: "Here's a shot from my recent family reunion." Haha. Funny. We get it, in a one of these things is not like the others kind of way. But does TBS get it? I checked the TBS site for Are We There Yet?, debuting in June, to find out more about the show. Turns out it stars Terry Crews and Essence Atkins, with recurring roles from Telma Hopkins, Keesha Sharp, Ice Cube, and comedian Christian Fenigan. So we're not quite there just yet. So close, though. So. Close. At least they didn't call him Chad (Finnegan's character when he was the white guy in a Chappelle's Show...

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