Day: March 22, 2010

Sinbad: Where U Been? Not quitting his night job, obviously getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice

Spoiler alert! No, not really. Despite Joan Rivers prevailing the last time Donald Trump played the celebrity bored game of Apprentice, this TV competition is not kind to stand-up comedians, and after Carol Leifer was first to get the boot, Sinbad was second to get shown the door last night on the NBC television network. Here is his exit interview. Some people may have said, Sinbad? Who? What? Didn't he draw the short straw from Jingle All the Way, not being governor of California and all? Where U Been? Well, Sinbad has spent most of his nights — ever since way back to his first big break on the original Star Search — touring as a stand-up. I knew that. You may have known that if you're here. Maybe you forgot? That can happen when a comedian isn't on a recent TV show, which is how a guy like Sinbad winds up on Celebrity Apprentice to begin with. But back to Where U Been, because his DVD came out last month and debuted on Comedy Central as his first stand-up special in forever. This clip from the DVD — which didn't air on Comedy Central — probably explains why he wasn't built for Celebrity Apprentice, since he says he has been fired or quit every non-comedian job he has had! Roll it. As for the rest of the special?...

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IFC picks up Kids in the Hall miniseries, brings Onion News Network to TV

To everyone who thought the latest Kids in the Hall miniseries would make its American debut on HBO…surprise! IFC announced today (as relayed by friend of the blog, Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times) that it had picked up the U.S. TV rights to Death Comes to Town, the KITH 8-episode miniseries, which will air this August. Previously: See the trailer. But that's not all! IFC also will be taking everyone's favorite fake Internet news parody, Onion News Network, and turning it into an actual fake half-hour TV news program. This is in addition to the previously known news that IFC had acquired the U.S. rights to David Cross' upcoming series, ‚ÄúThe Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.‚Äù I had showed you the pilot. But don't feel like it's a spoiler, because I've learned that it's being reshot due to a cast change (Cross is still starring, so chill). It'll air here in October. Here's the most recent Onion News Network segment to hit the Internets, focusing on the "new" "book," "Wake Up! He's a Shapeshifter!" Roll it. And here's another for good March Madness measure, since Kentucky hasn't busted your brackets....

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