Day: March 19, 2010

SPIKE yanks “Players” from the TV schedule, schedules comeback for July: Yay or Nay?

Comedy nerds were abuzz today that the SPIKE cable network may have canceled Players, the inventive and delightful improvised comedy from the minds of the UCB's Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and friends. Walsh himself went to Twitter tonight to say: Not exactly. He wrote: "to all Players fans, Spike is going to postpone remaining Players episodes til July for a summer season after "Joes vs Bros". keep u posted" Which actually sounds more like good news to me. Instead of competing with network offerings in the spring, a summer reboot gives Players a chance to find its audience — and maybe even market to it. Plus, as I noted in my review of Players, it doesn't have to be paired with Blue Mountain State. So, a yay from me. What say...

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy: Josh Gondelman wins inaugural Laughing Skull Comedy Festival

You know how some people seem so nice, you cannot believe how nice they are? Boston-based stand-up comedian Josh Gondelman is most definitely one of those nice guys, and his day job as a pre-school teacher only makes him seem too nice to be true. Well, congratulations are in store for Gondelman, who flew down to Atlanta earlier this month and returned with the trophy for winning the stand-up contest at the inaugural Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. Here is Gondelman with his prize. Well, actually, that's not all he won, as the festival promised $1,000, automatic bids into the APCA Showcase, Rooftop Comedy's Aspen festival, the Asheville comedy festival, six months of work with clubs across the country that agreed to be the Laughing Skull fest's patrons, and looks from industry folk. I'd hoped to be in Atlanta for the festival/contest, too, but a family emergency kept me away. So I caught up with Gondelman this week and asked him to tell me all about it. (He also wrote a little bit already on his road blog.) I know you've done the Boston festival contest multiple times. How would you compare that contest with the inaugural one in Atlanta? I've done the Boston festival for the past few years, and there are a couple of differences that jumped out at me right away. Atlanta seemed to have a way...

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Scenes from the line outside Gotham, 60 hours before auditions for NBC’s Last Comic Standing

On may way into Gotham Comedy Club last night to see a show, I saw a half-dozen people sitting along the sidewalk inside parade barricades. They couldn't be. No. Not already? Yes. Already. The "open call" auditions for NBC's Last Comic Standing 7 happen at Gotham on Sunday. But a guy named Angelo from Sicily, Italy (by way of his extended family in Queens) had set up a tent outside the club as early as 5 p.m. Tuesday. I came back outside at about 9:30 p.m. last night and thought I'd find out who these aspiring comedians were, who were willing to sit in line for another 60 hours — making it a total of 112 hours for Angelo, at least — all for a two-minute audition. As I told them, the odds are overwhelmingly against them. But still they come. From Birmingham, Ala., from D.C., and points around the country, they come here for their big break in comedy. What struck me was how most of them were relative newbies to stand-up. At least they'll get noticed, right? But will it be worth it? Time will tell. And the weather is great. So their relative suffering/enjoyment quotient also is lower. So they've got that going for them. (Note: YouTube is being weird/slow today — March Madness, anyone? — but if you go to The Comic's Comic YouTube page,...

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