Day: March 4, 2010

Never Not Funny remembers Andrew Koenig: A very special Pardcast

Andrew Koenig, who made his name as a teen actor on TV's Growing Pains but was also the video producer of popular comedy podcast Never Not Funny (via Monkey Go Lucky) and the son of Star Trek's Walter Koenig, went missing last month and was found dead of a suicide last week in Vancouver, British Columbia. His brother-in-law, Jimmy Pardo, and Matt Belknap (AST's isoS) paid tribute to him yesterday in a special edition of Never Not Funny. Listen here. Earlier: Feb. 20, friends and family reported Andrew Koenig had gone...

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Would you like to see Jon Glaser’s ski-masked face in NASCAR? Vote for Delo-Car-Ted 2

I'm not sure how or why, but Toyota is throwing a contest that allows fans to "Sponsafy Your Ride" for an upcoming NASCAR all-star race, and comedian Jon Glaser, star of Adult Swim's Delocated, decided to design his own ski-masked ride as part of a promotion for the upcoming second season of his TV series. Actually, he submitted a "Rage Cage" design earlier, but that got rejected. This one is in the running, and had 578 votes by early this morning. You can check out Delo-Car-Ted 2 and the rest of the gallery here. As Glaser wrote yesterday on his Tumblr for the show: If I win, which will never happen, this car will get made for real and I will get driven around a race track for a lap in it before a race. FINGERS...

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Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job of parodying SNL’s opening credits for “Season Cinco”

You can say whatever you want about the humor of Tim and Eric — I know I have, and continue to have a very mixed opinion about what they're doing with their show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim — but nobody can deny the amusement that is and was their parody (or homage) of Saturday Night Live with their opening credits that launched "Season Cinco" early Monday morning. It could be either and/or both, all at the same time. Tim Heidecker? Eric Wareheim? Nice...

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