Day: March 1, 2010

The Upright Citizens Brigade welcomes applications for 2010 Del Close Marathon (July 30-Aug. 1)

Do you have an improv group and/or show that you'd like to share with the improv-loving comedy community? Why not share it at the one place where the biggest fans and performers of the genre will be congregated? Why, yes, I speak of the Del Close Marathon. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has announced the 2010 dates for DCM 12: July 30 through Aug. 1. Here are some words from the UCB welcoming your participation therein: If you'd like to submit your group to be a part of the DCM, please see our submission guidelines and complete an application at  Also – again this year we're looking for out-of-town groups to submit late-night shows. If you have a great idea for a late-night improv show you want to do – submit it and make a note in the submission that you're submitting it for a late-night slot! And remember – if you'd like your show to be considered for a primetime slot, and we do not already know you or your show, you should send us a DVD or videotape of the show. The deadline for submission is May...

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Where will you be on March 5, aka IHFS Day? Dave Hill would like you to join him, wherever you are

Comedian and musician Dave Hill may be "Big In Japan" (that's his one-man show, which is on again tonight at the UCB Theatre in NYC, coincidentally! also March 11), and may also be big on NPR (I heard him on the car radio as I drove my dad across Pennsylvania the other night, and Dave is big enough that Ira Glass didn't even to say his last name on This American Life!), but he has something even bigger in mind for this coming Friday, March 5, 2010. He calls it International Holy F@#king Sh*t Day. Look out, Improv Everywhere. Because this isn't about inciting global panic, but rather the polar opposite. As he explained on his blog yesterday: "So here‚Äôs the deal — on Friday, March 5, 2010 at exactly 11:00am Eastern Standard Time in the United States (that‚Äôs 8:00am on the West Coast; 4pm in London; 5pm in Oslo, Norway; 3am, March 6, in Tokyo –sorry for keeping you up so late! — etc. You can find the exact time in your area here), stop what you‚Äôre doing and scream, yell, mumble, or whisper ‚ÄúHoly F@#king Shit!.‚Äù If someone near you does the same thing, you must look at each other and either wink, give each other a military salute, kiss on both cheeks (like the people of France), and/or — if it feels right — pat each...

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If you see New York comedians acting even weirder this week, then they’re probably playing Assassins

When I heard that a group of NYC-based comedians were playing Assassins, I instantly flashed back to the 1980s. We played a variation of this game in high school. Much mischief fun. No, this isn't based on the 1995 movie with Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas. How dare you make such an assumption! But if you're like me and think of Anthony Edwards…well…Gotcha! Good luck to all of the participants (many of whom seem to be UCBers). This all goes back even further, to a 1982 movie that starred Robert Carradine and Linda Hamilton called T.A.G: The Assassination Game. Let's roll a clip from that to get nostalgic, shall...

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Comedy Central, The Comedy Store and more prep for Austin, SXSW 2010

It's March (March!), which means we're only a couple of weeks away from South by Southwest — SXSW — the annual music festival in Austin that has become so much more than a music festival. Which means they've got comedy programming on the schedule again for 2010, with showcases planned by Comedy Central to promote its new series Ugly Americans and a movie version of Drawn Together, a St. Patrick's Day double-bill from Hollywood club The Comedy Store (see the flyer), and several nights of stand-up at Esther's Follies. Check out this list of 2010 SXSW comedy performers: Andi Smith, Andy Ritchie, Ben Kronberg, Big Jay Oakerson, Brian Posehn, Chelsea Peretti, Dan Boulger, Eugene Mirman, Hannibal Buress, Hari Kondabolu, Howard Kremer, Jimmie Roulette, Joe Mande, Kevin Avery, Kristen Schaal, Kurt Braunohler, Kyle Kinane, Lucas Molandes, Margaret Cho, Maria Bamford, Matt Braunger, Natasha Leggero, Nick Thune, Parry Gripp, Pete Holmes, Rob Delaney, Scott Aukerman, Tig Notaro, Todd Barry. Meanwhile, over at Austin's Cap City Comedy Club, they've got Thea Vidale headlining March 12-13, with Myq Kaplan from March 17-20. One of these days, I'm going to have to go to SXSW. Could these days be this month? If someone has a floor for me to sleep on, then maybe. Just...

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SNL #35.15 with Jennifer Lopez

NBC sports reporter Mary Carillo filed a report Saturday night during Winter Olympics coverage that purported to talk up the Canadian heritage in comedy, but ended up falling short of whatever mark it was aiming for — what was it aiming for, anyhow? Carillo went all the way to 30 Rock to talk to Lorne Michaels, after all, and also apparently all the way to Montreal to cover Just For Laughs, although just for B-roll and a couple of minutes of interviews with Martin Short and Caroline Rhea? Hmmm. Carillo put more effort into her puff piece on trying to be a Mountie than she did for this slam-dunk assignment. At least it gave Bob Costas two chances to remind viewers that SNL was on tonight with a fresh episode. Well, a new episode. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's hope instead that the SNL team wasn't too distracted by the Olympics themselves… Quincy Jones (Kenan Thompson) opened this episode, introducing the all-star song "We Are The World 3" to address the disaster which is and was the 2010 remake of "We Are The World," which featured "randos" such as Nipsy Hustle. Nice reference! Jennifer Lopez herself opened the song as Rihanna (or some variation of her), Kristen Wiig showed off her singing chops as Gwen Stefani, and a collection of characters soon followed. I have to say,...

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