Day: February 18, 2010

What would Ian Roberts do to promote “Players” on Spike? Would you believe “1 Guy, 1 Cup”?

You've heard of 2 Girls, 1 Cup, right? I'm not going to link to that viral video shocker that shocked millions with its NSFW depths. But the Upright Citizens Brigade's Ian Roberts, co-star of the upcoming Spike TV sitcom, Players, decided that without a proper marketing budget, he would re-create that video all by himself in "1 Guy, 1 Cup." As UCB co-founder Matt Walsh sat by and told him repeatedly not to do such a thing. You know. These guys are such great improvisers that I fully laughed out loud and even gagged a bit as Roberts does his own very NSFW thing. That's a testament to how good Walsh and Roberts are. So I don't even have to question whether this is real or "real" or outright fake. Because it's just plain funny. Roll the clip! I warned you. This is Not Safe For Work. Earlier: Watch actual previews of...

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Tom Green loves Internet broadcasting from his home, but hits the road for his first stand-up tour

Tom Green has enjoyed a lengthy career on the fringes, and sometimes the cutting edges, of broadcast comedy, from his cable access show in Canada, which begat an MTV talk-show, and for the past three years, an Internet-based chat show filmed from his home in Southern California. But now Green is ready for the life on the road of a mainstream stand-up comedian, even if he's not ever quite going to be mainstream. Not that he even wants to. When I met up with him in Midtown Manhattan this week — Green performs at Comix tonight-Saturday (with upcoming tour dates at Zanies in Chicago, Crackers in Indianapolis, the Improvs in Dallas, Brea and Tempe) — he told me how much he enjoys working on his own terms outside of network censors or notes from executives trying to tell him what he can or cannot do. I told him there was a Tim Horton's a couple of blocks from us, thinking that would make the Canadian native feel at home. What I didn't know was that this Tim Horton's, on the inside, was not the full-service cafe, but rather an express version stuck together with a KFC. But Green is a guy who makes the best of his situation, even if it means chicken for breakfast at 1:30 p.m., and means a site change after my Flip cam ran out...

Read More gets more TV time on Comedy Central, MTV2 in 2010, which became part of Comedy Central and the MTV Networks family in 2008, announced it's getting a bit more TV love from its broadcast partners this spring — a third season of its half-hour "Atom TV" on Comedy Central at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday mornings (or overnight Mondays), and also 15-minute "best-of" collections on MTV2 at 11:15 p.m. Fridays. Nice timing for the announcement, considering HBO's partnership with Funny or Die debuts on TV tomorrow night. Same concept, different Internet/TV partnership. If you're one of's comedians with a series or one-off sketch that catches on, it can make the leap to Comedy Central or MTV2. In fact, one original Atom web series "5-On," is showing up as a series March 17 on Comedy Central under a new name, Ugly Americans. ‚ÄúWe are thrilled to return to COMEDY CENTRAL and to start spending our Friday nights with MTV2,‚Äù said Scott Roesch, general manager, ‚ÄúPlaying on both networks is going to give us access to an even bigger audience seeking original comedy on every platform.‚Äù Here's a look at Ugly Americans, which has a voice cast that includes Kurt Metzger, Mike Britt, Pete Holmes and Natasha Leggero. No specific dates have been given for the Atom-compilation series premieres. But if you want to take a look at a new video, here's one that just showed up. It's from stand-up...

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Executive producer Andrew Steele says HBO’s “Funny or Die Presents” is “true to us”

When the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night, and Friday blends into Saturday, TV viewers tuned into HBO will think they're time-traveling Lost-style, as psychedelic 1960s music leads you into a computer room from the early 1980s, and "host" Ed Haligan gives you your orientation to what's about to happen to your world: "What you're about to see is nothing short of a miracle. Television so revolutionary that at this point in time there is nothing else like it anywhere. You may ask yourself, how is this possible? Computers. That's how. Funny or Die is at the forefront of computer technology, leading the way in computer comedy programming. Tonight marks a departure from our usual business model as we join the ever-declining world of broadcast television. Think of what you're about to see as kind of a network unto itself, a half-hour network complete with its own lineup of wonderful shows. Basically, the same kind of horseshit we through up on the website." Andrew Steele not only was responsible for putting the words into Haligan's mouth — as creative director for Funny or Die and executive producer of HBO's Funny or Die Presents, Steele also programmed all 12 of these mixed-up half-hours together. Funny or Die partners Adam McKay and Will Ferrell lured Steele away from Saturday Night Live, where Steele was one of the head writers, in the summer of...

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Americans will learn who Danny Bhoy is in 2010, but when exactly is “Subject to Change”

Scotland gave birth to curling, so I thought it somewhat appropriate that I was watching Winter Olympics curling action yesterday when I spoke with Scottish stand-up comedian Danny Bhoy. Well, somewhat appropriate. "Let's both decide that's not a healthy way to start the morning," Bhoy said. How's this for a start, then? Here's a clip from Bhoy's upcoming hour stand-up special, "Subject to Change," talking about the worldwide credit crunch. Roll it! Bhoy is making his first headlining stop in New York City this weekend with dates through Sunday at Carolines on Broadway. He'll head next to Chicago's Improv next weekend, with additional club gigs planned at the Improvs in Addison, Texas, and Miami, the Punchline in Atlanta, and the House of Comedy in Minnesota in April. Is 2010 the year American audiences find out about this Scottish wit? "At the moment, the invasion has not been called. It's just been setting up the various trips. I haven't really done much. It all really hinges on the Comedy Central special, but the date keeps moving along. Not many people know who I am over here. I'm doing Letterman soon." I did notice earlier in the week that Comedy Central put out a press release saying Bhoy's stand-up hour would air March 6, but then the release disappeared online later in the same day. "It's changing again," Bhoy acknowledged. "I...

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