Day: February 12, 2010

Why does Russell Peters think he should be in the Winter Olympics? Does he have a hood pass, too?

A funny story showed up in the Canadian Press this afternoon. Turns out a reporter was following Russell Peters on Twitter and decided his afternoon complaint about not being part of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver was news, because, well, Peters grew up in the Canadian part of Canada and is one of the nation's most popular stand-up comedians. What Russell Peters wrote on Twitter: "Hey Canada, I'm not bitter but… It would have been nice to have been asked to do something for the Olympics… I'm just saying." The CP story noted that Peters earned more than $10 million last year, selling out arenas, and that he has worked with CTV before. Oh, and they also described his comedy in one sentence: "Peters is known for riffing on racial and cultural stereotypes." Oh, right. Racial and cultural stereotypes. When I think of the Olympic spirit and bringing the world's many diverse cultures and beliefs together, I think that the best person to entertain them is a guy who points out their differences. "Hey, Spain. Why do you all sound so gay? Where's my Chinese delegation at? You people sound so funny when you talk, I don't know whether you're asking me a question or telling me your life story?" I know. I know. I'm paraphrasing. Here was Russell Peters himself on Lopez Tonight last week: Of course, Peters is...

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Bill Murray has “No Reservations” about Yonkers or Pebble Beach, one reservation about Ghostbusters 3

In case you missed it, this was the week we got a couple of insightful peeks into the mind and world of comedian Bill Murray. First came this interview with The Daily Mail on Sunday, in which Murray talked about how great he believes Groundhog Day was and is as a movie and screenplay, as well as the "big" news that he would be part of Ghostbusters 3 on one very "big" condition. Then came this surprising appearance by Bill Murray on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. It's a deliciously fun show on the Travel Channel (which really is loading up on the food-based shows, isn't it? I'm not complaining, but watch your back, Food Network!). What made his appearance surprising, perhaps, was where we saw Murray, eating at his buddy's restaurant on the Hudson River. In Yonkers. Yonkers! Tony also delighted in recounting their drive back into Manhattan that night, in which Murray grabbed the wheel and proved himself to be a funny driver, too. Here's a clip from Tony's meal with Bill: And of course, you'll get to see a bit of Bill Murray doing what he loves almost as much as comedy, as this weekend he's playing once again in the PGA's Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on CBS. Check your local...

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New Louis CK radio interview, plus TV taping info

In case you're not already following Louis CK's every career move, then here is some news for you. The comedian recently sat down with Canada's Q TV/radio host Jian Ghomeshi and talked about where he gets his new ideas for bits, and how he is more than OK with moving onward and upward by continuing to write new material. Also, Louis put out word via Twitter today that he'll be taping more of his new stand-up material for his FX series, Louie, this coming Monday, Feb. 15, at the Comedy Cellar. Louie debuts April 1 on...

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Ted Alexandro tells you how to deliver cop jokes at “Catchphrase Academy”

What do the kids at Barely Political do when they're not unleashed Obama Girl on the masses? Well, turns out they're still making videos, and this new one casts Ted Alexandro as a hacky stand-up comedian (in real life, he is unhacky and very funny) brought in to teach the cop (Barely Political's Mark Douglas) how to deliver proper jokes and catchphrases when making arrests. It's a veritable "Catchprhase Academy"! No. That's the title. Catchphrase Academy. Also, I own that same shirt Alexandro is wearing, but in a different size and for different ironic purposes. OK. Roll...

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Judah Friedlander plays ping-pong with beauty queens; another reason he’s a World Champion

The Winter Olympics open tonight in Vancouver, British Columbia, but "World Champion" Judah Friedlander won't be there. He's in New York City this weekend headlining at Comix comedy club. The reason, Friedlander tells me, is obvious. "I'm banned from the Olympics, and Olympics in Canada don't really count. Or in any other country. Olympics only count when they're in America," he said. "Plus they're for amateur athletes. Yeah. There are many reasons I'm banned. I've already hooked up with all of the of-age female Olympians. It's part of their initiation." Sounds romantic. "There's a lot of woman out there to please," he said. Do you feel like you'll be performing for a lot of first-date couples this weekend because of Valentine's Day? "I don't want people to think it's a Valentine's Day themed show. It's for everybody. I'm not catering my show to couples only or things like that. You don't need to have a date. Plus, all the ladies are geting free backstage passes. All the guys are, too, so they can take notes. I'm going to score and guys are going to learn." Does the "World Champion" feel intimidated on Valentine's Day by competition from "The Lovemaster," aka stand-up Craig Shoemaker? "No. No offense to Craig, but there's no comparison there. No comparison at all. I don't have to change my voice to get chicks. I just stay at...

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