Day: February 3, 2010

Doug Stanhope: “From Across The Street,” & now from across the pond as BBC comedy correspondent

With all of the talk at Sundance and everywhere else in the past year about how Louis CK is such a great stand-up comedian who is able to make us laugh while sometimes delving into dark and offensive territory, I thought it's about time you all took another look at comedian Doug Stanhope. Stanhope is making you confront your miserable lives and the most offensive things, too, but from the fringes of the comedy world. Why is that? And how can we change that? How about by opening your ears and eyes to what he's doing lately. I talked to Doug Stanhope in November about where he feels his career has led him, but since then, he has started contributing regular comedy correspondent pieces for the BBC Four satire program, Newswipe. Here is his recent piece about America's late-night news and where we get our news these days, and also why he hates the topical comedy prevalent in late-night TV: His report from last week's episode looked at how modern media turns freak shows into celebrities. And on his new CD on Stand Up! records, "From Across The Street," Stanhope opens his 58-minute set from North Carolina's Cape Fear with a joke about how child pornography suffers, relatively speaking, from a lack of appreciation within show business, notes immediately afterward how he's not for everyone, and within a minute,...

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Chevy Chase and the Griswolds reunite for Super Bowl “Vacation” ad, short film, or both?

My friends at Comedy dot com found this footage online of what appears to be a reunion of the original National Lampoon's Vacation family, the Griswolds, with patriarch Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and wife Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) heading to the beach, in a short film called Hotel Hell Vacation. Well, actually, the circumstantial evidence — a running-time just shy of 30 seconds, ending with a teaser for a company called and a date of Feb. 7 that coincides with the Super Bowl — would lead just about anyone to believe this is a Super Bowl commercial. Would you like to see that now? Can do. (Don't think I don't know I'm giving you free advertising, Roll...

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The 2009 ECNY Awards nominees unveiled!

The ECNY Awards announced this year’s nominations live at noon today via Ustream webcast, because why not. It’s 2010. This is how we do it now, Montell Jordan. If you missed it, you can watch it again with Comix’s Kambri Crews and two-time ECNY winner Kumail Nanjiani reading the names of those just honored to be nominated. Somehow, they read The Comic’s Comic for the second straight year as one of the ECNY’s nominees for best website. I’m rather humbled, and prepared to be humbled once again when I undoubtedly lose to one of my fellow nominees. Watch the broadcast here: But what about you? Did you or your favorite New York comedian or comedy act make the cut? Voting is open now through March 3, with the winners announced in a fun ceremony at Comix on March 8. Here are your 2009 ECNY Award nominees… Best Female Stand-Up Claudia Cogan Katina Corrao Morgan Murphy Giulia Rozzi Brooke Van Poppelen Best Male Stand-Up Hannibal Buress Pete Holmes Sean Patton Rory Scovel Baron Vaughn Best Sketch Comedy Group BoF (Best of Friends) Elephant Larry Murderfist New Exc!tement Team Submarine Best Improv Group Big Black Car Death By Roo Roo I Eat Pandas Improvised Shakespeare Company Stepfathers Best Host Chris Gethard Seth Herzog Pete Holmes and Jessi Klein Gabe Liedman, Jenny Slate and Max Silvestri Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel Best Musical...

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The origin of “That’s What She Said,” the prequel?!?

Did you like the Funny or Die video featuring Megan Mullally and Thomas Lennon exploring the origins of the double-entendre catchphrase, "That's what she said"? What if I told you someone else had attempted to explore this similar theme for comedy two weeks ago? What. As if you're surprised in parallel thinking on this one. There's another video that made the rounds last week — entirely different subject matter — on a topic that I thought for certain someone else had to have done before (still looking for evidence of such, and will report back to you if/when evidence becomes unlost/found). But I'm not surprised that other comedians thought of a sketch centered around the original "she" in "That's what she said." Actually, what amazes me is that I only found one such example, and furthermore, that these kids from NYC-based sketch group The Basement also happened to upload their video to Funny or Die 16 days ago. I know Seth Morris over at FoD, so my inclination is to not suspect him of anything wrong — especially since The Basement's submission easily could have been overlooked among the many outside submissions on the site and didn't have many views there. Anyhow. Enough preambling. As The Basement's Beth Appel told me via email today: "I guess it's in the zeitgeist!" She added: "We're fairly new as a group and...

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Visiting NYC? Just ask the locals: The sequel!

Such a beautiful day here in New York City. Snow fell overnight. Everything looks pretty. Maybe you'd like to pay us a visit? If you do, you'll need tips. The 92YTribeca assembled a bunch of comedians to offer their best advice already, and now they've done it again. Remember to carry your walkie-talkies when you visit the Eiffel Tower on 34th Street. Featuring: Paul Scheer, Eliza Skinner, Todd Barry, Fred Armisen, Julie Klausner, Jenny Slate & Gabe Liedman, Rob Huebel, Janeane Garofalo. Thanks,...

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