Month: February 2010

Comedy Central won’t be sharing any more “Issues” for “Michael & Michael” as series is not renewed

Fans of Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter may be excused for feeling a bit of deja vu right about now, because in a repeat of what happened when they teamed up with David Wain for their 2005 series, Stella, they've found out that their 2009 series, Michael and Michael Have Issues, also is done after only one season on Comedy Central. No formal reason has been given yet for the show's cancellation, or non-renewal. Maybe if Black and Sho still have "issues," they can try taking their longstanding friendship feud to NBC's The Marriage Ref to solve them? According to the show's online site, these were the guys' favorite moments from the season. Here's Showalter's favorite moments, which include sweatpants, bunny stomping, pee, and poo. Roll the clips! And here's Black's favorite moments, which include Showalter as a "quiet" weatherman, mattresses, farts and frogs. Roll the...

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NYC’s Shushan Channel Purim Party, tonight at 92YTribeca

The funny Hebrews who brought you "Jewno" and "Meshugene Men" are back for an eighth season of The Shushan Channel's Purim comedy show, with two performances tonight at 92YTribeca in New York City. The show features Lizz Winstead, Scott Adsit, Seth Herzog, Livia Scott, Henry Zebrowski, original sketches by TV comedy writers, a vicious sendup of Team Coco vs. Jay Leno, an original video from Joel McHale, and a surprise message from a Tonight Show (Conan edition) star. To get tickets? Click here. This year's promotional parody speaks for itself. It's Wolfman: DDS. Roll...

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NBC taps Craig Robinson as new Last Comic Standing host, modifies audition dates

NBC and producers of "Last Comic Standing" announced a new host late Friday in Craig Robinson from NBC's "The Office" and films such as Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and the soon-to-be released Hot Tub Time Machine. In a separate email, producers for the seventh season also noted they had changed the dates for their two open calls — LA: March 6th at the Hollywood Improv, and NYC: March 21 at the Gotham Comedy Club. The casting of Robinson as host is more than a little bit intriguing. The guy has comedic and musical stage chops, but doesn't seem like the sort to do the traditionally mechanical hosting duties we see out of reality TV competition hosts, LCS or otherwise. Considering earlier hints that this season may focus more seriously on good stand-up, well, I'm certainly looking to see how they reload LCS for thus summer's...

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Offline for a few days; please nobody panic (and don’t break comedy news while I’m gone, thanks)

If I take a break on a holiday weekend, I figure nobody would notice, anyhow. But I'm about to be offline for the next few days because of a death in my family, and since I'm a one-man blogging band, that means you won't see anything new here for the next few days. So I wanted to make sure you don't panic if I don't write about you or your favorite comedian this week. I have reviews and interviews and more in notes that will have to wait just a bit longer than we'd all hoped. And if you could not break any comedy news, that'd be great, too. See how I'm still able to find some levity today? See you again...

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