Month: January 2010

Pee-wee Herman gets an iPad. Better than the “original” presentation by Steve Jobs?

Perhaps you heard that Apple announced its latest "tablet" super-sized version of the iPhone, except it's not a phone, but it still runs on 3G courtesy of AT&T, and it's called the iPad. So many jokes. So. Many. Jokes. Most people made the same joke. But what would happen when Pee-wee Herman got his hands on one of the first available iPads and showed it off to his friends, including one Magic Screen? Roll this "chosen one" clip from Funny or Die and find out? Meanwhile, more people than you might think hit iPad into Google and found out that MADtv already spoofed a potential Apple iPad product a few years ago, with Arden Myrin using it as a tampon. Someone else used the computer technology to make it the real deal, though, so Steve Jobs actually was in on the joke this time. Roll the clip and you'll see what I...

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New HBO Funny or Die trailer includes peek at Sundance-winning short film

There is a new trailer for HBO's collaboration with Funny or Die went online today, and the way this stuff sneaks out in small doses really just makes you ramp up your anticipation for it. Well, if you're like me and like funny things, anyhow. We already know that one of the shorts in the HBO/FoD series has met with wider approval, as Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln, featuring Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle re-enacting the Illinois Senate debates as retold through the drunken commentary of Jen Kirkman, won the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Jury Prize for Short Filmmaking. The Sundance guide also reveals another new Drunk History installment on the way with comedian Duncan Trussell getting drunk and talking about Tesla and Edison (with John C. Reilly and Crispin Glover?). But what else is there? Watch the trailer closely and you'll see lots of hints. Roll...

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Comix’s “I’m With Coco” Haiti benefit may be sold out, but bidding remains open on few auction items

Comix comedy club in New York City hosts a sold-out comedy benefit tonight for Haiti earthquake victims, with the added allure of an auction featuring friends of Conan O'Brien and the artist who designed the "I'm With Coco" poster, Mike Mitchell. Heck, just check out this poster that Conan himself signed that will go up for auction tonight during the show, hosted by Seth Herzog with performances by Dave Attell, Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry, Wyatt Cenac, John Mulaney, Wil Sylvince, Anthony Jeselnik, Jeff Kreisler, Eugene Mirman, Aasif Mandvi and the writers of The Onion. But. If you didn't get tickets to show or cannot make it, you can still help and also win a cool prize for your time. That's because Comix has set aside three of its auction items for public bidding via eBay. Which ones are up for grabs? You can go to Comix's auctions page for the links. Or let me tell you about each of them, right here, right now. First up is an issue of comic book "Spider-Man" #573 autographed by Stephen Colbert and Joe Quesada. It is, needless to say, in mint condition. Next they have two tickets to a sold-out Aziz Ansari show at Comix on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010, including a signed copy of the comedian's new DVD, "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening," and a round of pre-show drinks. And...

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Oh, snap! Landline TV calls out Andy Samberg and his SNL Digital Shorts in meta-parody

Andy Samberg and his fellow comedians from The Lonely Island made their mark as new Saturday Night Live cast members by reinvigorating the SNL Digital Short for the digital video-sharing age (that's the brand-nonspecific alternative to saying YouTube age, right?). Their "Lazy Sunday" rap earned SNL a new generation of fans via YouTube, and they've since won an Emmy for "Dick in a Box," and their "I'm on a Boat" rap collaboration with T-Pain is up for a Grammy this weekend. Plenty of people have tried replying or duplicating what they do with their own YouTube videos, but mostly in admiration. That said, Samberg and his crew have definitely settled into a couple of very comfortable thematic devices that could themselves be ripe for comedy, and the folks at Landline TV have fired a shot across their bow with this one. Roll the...

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Ustream launches pay-per-view trial balloon with finale of Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy tour

Ustream has hosted millions of live streaming Web shows and series. A quick look at Ustream's entertainment section pulled up 251,628 separate listings, with plenty of comedians among them. They've all been free, but that will change Feb. 6 with the first pay-per-view offering, which takes fans behind-the-scenes of Dane Cook's final stop on his current stand-up comedy tour. The one-time offer "for his special fans" at boasts "5 hours of Exclusive LIVE COVERAGE for only $5," presumably from the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla., where Cook and his opening acts will close down his Isolated Incident Global Thermo Comedy Tour. I'm also going to go ahead and guess that Cook will be chatting with fans from backstage before and after the show — and maybe even during it for a few minutes? — as well as getting his opening acts into the mix. Would you pay $5 for something other people are offering currently for free? That has been the question of the Internet age for anyone who provides unique content. How much would you pay to watch a live online show? How much would you pay to read an online blog? I'm asking for my imaginary friend. Obviously. UPDATED: Dane Cook posted some additional news on this front. He has turned it into a contest, even, with people who buy tickets by Jan. 29 eligible for prizes. Prizes?...

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