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What’s in store for season 3 of The Sarah Silverman Program? @sarahksilverman dishes, + a new trailer

Like I said, Sarah Silverman took part in a conference call this afternoon to talk about season three of The Sarah Silverman Program, which debuts Feb. 4 on Comedy Central — and also on Logo, the gay and lesbian cable channel that helped fund production costs for the third season. The first episode, "The Proof is in the Penis," has a more cinematic sweep and tone to it, even if it may set a new record for the number of times the word "penis" is said in 22 minutes — including one scene in which Silverman screams "I swallowed my penis!" over and over. You'll also find out that Silverman's donning of a mustache at the Emmys might not have been a prank as much as it was a tease. But the look and feel of the third-season debut definitely feels like a movie, and with a sisterly duet thrown in, reminded me of Silverman's movie, Jesus is Magic. The second episode, "The Silverman and the Pillows," written by comedian Chelsea Peretti, also opens with a musical number, and might have some people mistakenly trying to draw a parallel to the Leno/Conan debacle at NBC. That'd be silly, although Silverman said she's on Team Conan. "I think the first one, 'Proof is in the Penis,' feels really cinematic to me," Silverman told me today. "We haven't been on the...

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Move over, Matt Damon. Sarah Silverman has a new boyfriend, Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin.

Sarah Silverman held a conference call with the "media" this afternoon to help promote the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, which debuts Feb. 4 on Comedy Central. Many questions asked of her, and a few even had to do with the TV show. One question for her that most certainly had nothing to do with it asked who was the cute guy Silverman was seen dining with earlier this week. She revealed she has a new boyfriend, and his name is Alec Sulkin. Sulkin is a writer and producer on FOX's animated hit, Family Guy, and also has brought his voice to that show as well as spin-off The Cleveland Show. You can tell she digs him, not just because she told all of us about him on the conference call, but also because, well, just check out Sarah Silverman's list of Favorites on Twitter. When someone else asked Silverman what she looks for in a guy, she said, among other things: "He's got to be funny." Obviously. Silverman added: "Also, we enjoy a lot of 'Modern Warfare'" and playing the video games. "What I'm saying is: I'm 10." OK. This ends your salacious comedy "news" item. Now back to some actual news about...

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David Cross heads across the pond to film new UK comedy series (which will air in the US, eventually)

If you attended last night's packed taping of Comedy Death-Ray Radio inside New York's UCB Theatre, you were treated to the mostly improvised antics of Todd Barry, David Cross, Zach Galifianakis and Winny the whiny baby (John Gemberling) with host Scott Aukerman. David Cross, sporting a red, knee-length sweatshirt, joked when Aukerman asked him about a potential third squeakquel to Alvin and the Chipmunks. "I'm so at piece with it," Cross said, adding later: "There's no accounting for the taste of 5-year-olds." He then said that within 12 hours, he'd be flying off to London where he'd be working until August. He didn't elaborate. But he doesn't have to. Cross is starring in a new sitcom for Britain's Channel 4 called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, in which he plays an American beverage salesman who gets promoted above his skill level to become the boss of the London office. The pilot's cast included brief appearances by Will Arnett and Cross' girlfriend, Amber Tamblyn, and Cross wrote it with British comedian Shaun Pye. Channel 4 has ordered six episodes, so off to the UK for Mr. Cross and company. Great news for the Brits! Don't worry, though, Yanks… The Comic's Comic has learned that IFC has a deal in the works to rebroadcast the first seven-episode season here in the United States. Don't have a date certain just...

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Do New Yorkers have heart and muscle? Mark Malkoff literally gets carried away, and uptown

Comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff first got everyone's attention three years ago when he attempted to visit and purchase an item in each of the 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan. Malkoff followed that up by living and sleeping in an actual IKEA store in New Jersey for a week. In 2009, he spent a month on an AirTran airplane to conquer his fear of flying, and later, with the corporate help of Ford, drove around America doing whatever he could to get as many ceremonial "Keys to the City" as he could. So what's he up to this time? Malkoff's latest task was much simpler, which, naturally, made it much more difficult to accomplish. His task: Traverse the length of Manhattan, from the southern tip of the island north. Not by subway, by taxi, by bus nor even by foot — but on the backs, shoulders and arms of his fellow New Yorkers. Yes. You got it. Malkoff wanted to test the kindess of New Yorkers — they're not really that rude and mean, are they? — by asking them to carry him uptown. He did this over the course of two cold and snowy days in December. Seemingly helping his case: He's not that big (130 pounds), and he had a microphone and a cameraperson with him, so the innocent bystanders knew they were being filmed, although not necessarily for...

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The Fine Brothers do not wish to spoil finale of “Lost,” but rather sing about the answers they seek

You may not know the Fine Brothers by name, but if I told you that Benny and Rafi Fine previously had published YouTube videos that spoiled 100 movie twists in five minutes, you'd go, oh, yeah, those guys! Well, they're at it again. This time with the ABC-TV wonder that is Lost. Only this time, the Fines don't want to spoil the ending for you. They don't even know anything about the the final season, which begins Feb. 2. But they do have lots of questions. And they want answers. Just like a lot of fans. These boys put their questions to the music of the standard, "Downtown." I'd argue that a couple of these questions already have been answered (yes, I'm also posting this because I have this show permanently recorded on my DVR), and the Fines replied to me: "some keep saying they were answered, but we always have a small aspect of it that we feel isn't quite answered…gotta love LOST." Ready, set, roll...

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