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Jim Norton teaches Tiger Woods about voice mail, with a cruel P.S. about those Jay Leno rumors

On last night's episode of The Jay Leno Show, forever known now as the last night before NBC renewed the late-night wars, comedian Jim Norton appeared for another edition of his special correspondent segment, "Uninvited Guest." Norton aimed to teach golfing legend Tiger Woods a little something about how to leave a proper voice mail to his improper dalliances. I enjoyed Norton's rant more before NBC shortened it and watered it down for primetime — Norton tried this riff out Monday night at the UCB Theatre's Whiplash show — but still, having him on is one of the edgier, smarter things Leno has been doing lately. Anyhow. Roll it! Speaking of Leno, what's new with him depends upon what rumors you want to listen to and read today. One thing's for certain after reading the reports from and the New York Times' Bill Carter (he who wrote about the Leno/Letterman late-night wars of the 1990s), is that NBC's programming lineup will look different after the Winter Olympics. But if they move Leno out of 10 p.m. and after the news, no matter what they do with Conan, Fallon and Carson Daly (yes, he's still on, too!), don't they still need to have something on the channel from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. five nights a week? No matter how many pilots they produce this winter, no matter how many of...

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While you wondered if NBC was quitting Jay Leno, Jonathan Ross announced he was quitting the BBC

Oh, you Internet. Silly, silly Internet. How silly? Silly enough that The Wrap can say a "random website" announced NBC would cancel Jay Leno's primetime show based upon speculation — NBC has ordered more new TV pilots than it has in about seven years, plus NBC owned-and-operated affiliates ain't happy about their late-night news ratings following Leno, plus hey, look, the Winter Olympics start soon and you won't see Leno for a month anyhow, so why not just make it all go away? — and then have the blogger who speculated this speculate that this morning on L.A.-area AM radio station KNX. AM radio. It's the future! But NBC lives in the future, and network TV execs have friends who are stuck in their cars listening to AM radio, so they put out a real-deal statement saying Leno was not cancelled, but hey, they know they got some fixin' to do over there at Burbank. Here is that NBC statement on Leno, for you kids who like reading between lines: ‚ÄúJay Leno is one of the most compelling entertainers in the world today. As we have said all along, Jay‚Äôs show has performed exactly as we anticipated on the network. It has, however, presented some issues for our affiliates. Both Jay and the show are committed to working closely with them to find ways to improve the performance.‚Äù Now...

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Howard Stern speaks out about Artie Lange’s suicide attempt

When word broke over the weekend about Artie Lange checking into a New Jersey hospital, I'm sure people didn't know whether to expect the result to be all hype, or whether to expect the worst. Well, it turned out to be the worst, as the New York Post's gossip column Page Six reported this morning. The Lange fan blog, Save Baby Gorilla, did not want to link to the report, but is accepting flowers and other gifts to help Lange and his family through this time. And in another odd twist of timing (remember that Comedy Central announced on Monday its broadcast debut of Lange's DVD stand-up special, Jack and Coke, for later this month), The Onion's A.V. Club has a "new" interview with the comedian which must have taken place a month or two ago. In it, Lange talks about his performance on HBO's Joe Buck show, and how some audience members may perceive him unfairly. The interview closes with Lange talking about joking now that he's not under the influence of drugs and alcohol, with him saying:  "It‚Äôs strange, but in a good way. A lot of performers think they‚Äôre better when they‚Äôre fucked-up. They‚Äôre not. It‚Äôs good to be telling jokes in a clear and concise way. The tough part is the downtime. It‚Äôs not being onstage, it‚Äôs what to do on the road. I like...

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Visiting New York City? Just ask the locals!

Hey, look at this new thing from the folks at 92YTribeca. If you enjoyed their parody of the New York Times ads for the Weekender edition, then perhaps you may also enjoy this thing, in which the locals tell you how to best enjoy your visit to this city. Featuring Janeane Garofalo, David Cross, Kumail Nanjiani, the Sklar Brothers, Dave Hill, Brett Gelman, Paul Dinello, Julie Klausner and Nick Kroll. Roll...

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Guess which new Tim Allen movie is the real one

Tim Allen has a new movie coming out in January. Or does he have two new films? The Internet is "Crazy on the Outside" with "Arbor Daze" over this one! In Arbor Daze, Allen plays an axe-wielding lumberjack who has to learn what it's like to be a tree, all because his son wished it so. In Crazy on the Outside, Allen plays an ex-con who learns that the real world can be tougher than his life behind bars. Here is Arbor Daze. Roll the trailer! And here is Crazy on the Outside. Roll the trailer! Which film would you rather see Allen in and promoting this week? It's not a trick question. As Tim Allen's Web pages note, and if you're in Los Angeles you know this to be true, he has been continuing to do (or mounting a comeback for) stand-up every now and then. Look for a new one-man show coming soon? Now that could be...

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