Day: January 31, 2010

If you’d like to see Larry the Cable Guy tell jokes to 50,000 fans at once? Watch clips of “Tailgate Party”

Comedy Central boasts that Larry the Cable Guy's latest CD/DVD, "Tailgate Party," played to the largest-ever live audience for a recorded stand-up comedy special. With a low ticket price and Fourth of July fireworks for a finale, Larry got 50,000 fans to turn out in the University of Nebraska's football stadium to hear him "Git-R-Done." I mused a bit about some of the jokes on his CD when it came out last year. The DVD comes out Tuesday, and tonight, Comedy Central airs a 42-minute version of it. Want to see what it looks like? Here's Larry the Cable Guy joking about drinking, fishing and drinking while fishing. Here's Larry joking about the time he met Hillary Clinton: And for some behind-the-scenes preparations, interviews and a look at what opening act Josh Wolf saw when he took the stage, check this clip...

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Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown results, 2010 (Updated!)

Hey kids! The past few years, Comedy Central inadvertently leaked the results of their annual "Stand-Up Showdown." Not so this year. They're learning! So we all really do need to tune in today to find out, if we really care who gets an extra broadcast of their old half-hour comedy specials. Do we? Who knows. You know. I'll be updating this list as it happens. #20 Todd Barry #19 Chris Porter #18 Stephen Lynch #17 Greg Warren #16 Rocky LaPorte #15 Andrew Kennedy #14 Maria Bamford #13 Josh Blue #12 Pete Lee #11 Lewis Black #10 Tommy Johnagin #9 Doug Benson #8 Kyle Cease #7 Marc Maron #6 Anthony Jeselnik #5 Chad Daniels #4 Lisa Landry #3 Big Jay Oakerson #2 Bo Burnham #1 Tammy...

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SNL #35.13 with Jon Hamm, Michael Buble

Jon Hamm hosted one of the best episodes of the 34th season, so why wouldn't he host one of the best this season? Well, er, um, hmmm. As this week's episode of Saturday Night Live got underway, I found myself thinking we were living the exact opposite of the popular saying that it's not about the destination but about enjoying the journey. Wait. What? WTF? Who is reviewing this show anyhow? Some sort of dingleberry? What's a dingleberry? Let's try doing this like a normal person and not some comedy nerd. I'd try that this week, but this week's SNL offered comedy gold for comedy nerds, so maybe next time when Twittertard Ashton Kutcher hosts we can try reviewing this show for people who don't know what words mean. This week is for the rest of us. The cold open. Oh, SNL. Why do you insist on writing political sketches that are so inside baseball that even baseball players cannot find the humor in it? There were funny things that everyone agreed happened this week, from Apple's overhyped iPad, to President Obama's showdown with Republican Congress members, but what we got was a version of the State of the Union address that took seven minutes before it got to a single joke. Seriously? Seriously. The vast majority of it was about what? As VP Joe Biden (Sudeikis) and House...

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