Day: January 20, 2010

Last Comic Standing is back! Season 7 auditions in March!

The rumors are true, and you didn't have to look at NBC's spring and summer schedule to see this was going to happen…Last Comic Standing is coming back out of the network's retirement bin for season 7 sometime later in 2010 (most likely summer). The show has announced open calls for both Los Angeles and New York City — and ONLY those two cities. Talent scouts for the show told me today that they're going to make it even more competitive this go-around, and are "looking for the cream of the crop." So if you really think you're funny enough to be telling jokes in a primetime network TV contest, be forewarned. You'll have two minutes at each of the preliminary auditions… MARCH 6 or 7, 2010 (TBD):  LOS ANGELES, CA IMPROV COMEDY CLUB MARCH 14, 2010: NEW YORK, NY GOTHAM COMEDY CLUB  Please send your electronic submissions to lcs7submissions AT gmail DOT com. Please include name, contact info, and your audition city, as well as any questions. Last Comic Standing last aired on NBC in 2008, with its finale the night before the Summer Olympics (coincidence that it's coming back after the Winter Olympics?). And its web page is still stuck in 2008 (complete with a promo for the ill-fated American remake of Kath and Kim!). Be on the lookout for an update in the very near future....

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Gavin Speiller wants to take you on a bad first date

Gavin Speiller is a popular improviser in New York City, performing regularly with UCB troupe Death By Roo Roo, as well as independent group Rogue Elephant. But Speiller also is available, ladies! Before you can figure out a way to mashup a Styx song with Go West's "King of Wishful Thinking," Speiller is three steps ahead of you, because he has a new Web series in which he goes on a series of very bad first dates. It's funny to see how in only three tries, he already has gone from horribly awkward to horribly self-absorbed. Here are his first three bad dates, er, victims. The series is directed by Nate Smith, and produced by Megan...

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Christian Audigier gets it, sort of: Prepare for “The Ed Hardy Boyz 2”

If there were one pop culture thing that pretty much all comedians could agree upon making a mockery of in 2009, it was the "Ed Hardy" T-shirt, and more specifically, the people who wore said shirts, hats and other fashion accessories. Nick Kroll and Jon Daly were two such comedians who took it to the next level late last year with their own Funny or Die video spoof as The Ed Hardy Boyz. But. Would you believe. The "designer" responsible for creating the Ed Hardy line and making millions off of it, Christian Audigier, not only loved The Ed Hardy Boyz but also met personally with Kroll and Daly? It's true. I've seen pictures. And today we all can see this new trailer for their latest spoof of the Hardy Boys mysteries. Looks bigger, brasher, and certainly with plenty more Ed Hardy. Looks like Audigier believes that getting the joke matters, and also that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Roll the...

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