Day: January 14, 2010

Watch the first few minutes of Pee-wee Herman’s new stage show: Looks like “fun”!

Pee-wee Herman's big comeback began earlier this week with previews of his brand-new stage show, which runs through the first week of February at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. The TV show Extra broadcast the first few minutes from his dress rehearsal, in which we see the Playhouse characters welcome Pee-Wee, and also serenade him with pop-culture jingles. Oh. Also. The secret word of the day. It looks like fun, doesn't it? Roll the clip! Related reading: There's a lengthy feature on Pee-wee in this week's LA...

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Letterman on Leno’s “Middle America” values: Killing Indians to steal their land. Manifest Destiny?

I don't know how long I can keep up with this late-night TV bashing, but word on the TMZ street is it won't last much too much longer. Tonight, David Letterman exposed "Big Jaw" Jay Leno's so-called Middle America values, by reminding us how Leno's power-grab of The Tonight Show, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, is a lot like that one time Middle America decided to become Middle America by killing all of the Native American tribes and stealing their land. Is this TV's version of Manifest Destiny? Roll the clip: Related: TMZ posted this photo of workers taking down a Leno billboard on one of the NBC lots....

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Ben Schwartz nails the “perfect audition”

Here's a funny video that has an accidentally funny timeliness to it, as Ben Schwartz improvised this bit about trying to nail down the "perfect audition" with Upright Citizen Brigade's Los Angeles artistic director Neil Campbell as his foil. This is all filmed at the UCB's LA theater. Roll the clip! Of course, as it turns out, Schwartz already got the part! In a J.J. Abrams TV pilot, called Undercovers. And who wouldn't greenlight a J.J. Abrams TV pilot for production as a full-time primetime series? Only an idiot. And this pilot isn't for NBC, so...

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