Day: January 5, 2010

Want to be in a Reggie Watts music video? Audition for a place in his special stack!

So the great Reggie Watts alerted me (and maybe you) today that a casting call has gone out for people to appear in a music video for, as the notice says, "one of his more popular songs" for his upcoming DVD. I think we already agree that his "F*ck Sh*t Stack" is a masterpiece when Watts performs it solo — I may have gone on record before saying that his performance of it at the ECNY Awards banquet two years ago was a triumphant tour de force — but now just imagine it with actual bikini girls, D&D players and more. There are a few versions of this song recorded by You People on the YouTube. Here's an example of this and that from SXSW in 2008. Roll the...

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Meet Me In New York: Harrison Greenbaum

What do they say about New York City: There are eight million stories, and sometimes it seems as though eight million of the people telling them think they're comedians? No, that's not it. It is a fact, though, that America's biggest city is also its biggest comedy mecca. Hollywood may be Hollywood, but New York City is where comedians are born funny, become funny or arrive to thrust their funny upon us. I think we should meet some of these people. This is a new recurring feature, a mini-profile of newcomers, up-and-comers and overcomers of New York's vibrant comedy scene. It's called Meet Me In New York. When I wrote about comedian Harrison Greenbaum co-hosting the first-ever official Times Square live New Year's Eve webcast, perhaps a few of you said, who's this kid? But if you lived in New York City's comedy scene in 2009, you probably knew exactly who he was, because he performed seemingly everywhere last year. Did you know, however, that he really is still a kid, fresh out of college? Did you know that he interned for the Internet's Julia Allison and NonSociety and lived to tell about it? Did you know he's already a member of the Friars Club? Hey. How about I stop asking questions without giving you answers. To the Q&A! Name: Harrison Greenbaum Arrival date: Dec. 29, 2008 Arrived from:...

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