Day: December 30, 2009

Chant “Todd!” for your New Year’s countdown and earn $500 for charity? Todd Barry says so!

Yes, as the headline suggests, it's that simple. Well, you will have to videotape yourself chanting "Todd" as 2009 counts down into 2010, but as comedian Todd Barry explains in this short video, it's for charity! Show the ones you love that you care, by doing what's right to ring in the new year. It's the Todd! Todd! TODD! New Year's Eve Project, now with Tumblr. Roll...

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What if Mad Men’s Rich Sommer became a zombie? Watch Paul F. Tompkins in this original

This is circulating around the Internets today, and for good reason. It's funny, and it's original. It's comedian Paul F. Tompkins with Mad Men's Rich Sommer in "Sketch Of The Dead," an original sketch. And no, it's not a stretch at all to see Sommer doing comedy — not only does he hang out with funny people quite often in NYC and L.A., but he's also a UCB alum. (See Sommer talk to me about Monty Python on the red carpet back in October). Roll the clip! Pre-P.S. Don't shoot me if you think I'm a zombie, because I'm not....

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Jimmy Fallon’s celebrity Troll Doll impersonations, from 1996 to now-ish

My friends at The Laugh Factory uploaded videos of a young Jimmy Fallon, before he was on Saturday Night Live, performing stand-up on their West Hollywood stage in 1996. Would you like to take a look? Here is Fallon doing an early version of his bit with celebrity impersonations promoting the Troll dolls. With a Troll doll as a prop! Roll the clip. Cut to now-ish. Or at least post-SNL but pre-Late Night. Fallon is famous. Touring theaters. And still, a couple of years ago, might still be known to break out the Troll doll bit for you. Here's what it looked like with a decade of polish and a crowd of adoring fans. Take...

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Interview: Jen Kirkman gets debriefed for 2009, but what has she done for Chelsea lately?

Of all of the comedians who are part of Chelsea Handler's writer/roundtable circle, Jen Kirkman is perhaps the most interesting. Not just because I'd actually heard of her and heard her stand-up before seeing her on Chelsea Lately, but also because when I saw her more recently in Los Angeles, her stand-up offered something a little different from the rest. Here's a clip of Jen Kirkman via Candor (no embed, because that would be, what, too easy?). As 2009 comes to an end, I sat down at my computer and asked Kirkman some questions. She gladly obliged. This is what resulted from that! Your chat with Marc Maron for his podcast was compelling. What kind of feedback did you get from fans and fellow comedians about revealing how you don't want to have kids, and/or going to therapy and taking medications to deal with people and the world? First of all, thank you for finding it compelling. My fellow comedians and friends have known since they met me that I don’t want kids. I sort of defensively wear that posture on my sleeve, for better or for worse. And lots of them agree with that stance and the ones who don’t agree just procreate on their own and leave me alone about my choice. I think once you have kids you realize how hard it is & what a...

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