Day: December 29, 2009

Doug Benson takes “The High Road” on G4 TV special; hear more on his CD, “Unbalanced Load”

The High Road is an amusing documentary on cable channel/network G4 that follows Doug Benson and his opening act, Graham Elwood, from Los Angeles to Boise and Spokane for road comedy gigs. You also see him walking out of a Star Trek screening in Boise to call in to Comedy Death-Ray Radio. So dedicated! It's like a spin-off of The Comedians of Comedy documentary, but just following Doug Benson and Elwood. It debuted as an hour special Monday night on G4, but airs again overnight tonight at 1 a.m. and 4 a.m., high noon Wednesday and through the weekend. Here's a clip! Even if it doesn't become more than just this hour, it'll probably get you wanting to hear more of Doug Benson's prepared and improvised remarks on pop culture and life in general. Which, for you, means you're in luck, because in 2009, Benson recorded a CD (on 4/20, obvs) and then released this fun diversion of an hourlong stand-up CD, "Unbalanced Load." He worked hard and long on his segues for you people! "I don't have a segue into the segues thing…" he notes. Although I should note that no matter how well known Benson is for being a proponent of marijuana, his track on "Segues" alone should prove that he also is proficient at joke-writing and joke-telling. If you blink your ears, you may miss his Mark...

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Anjelah Johnson’s “That’s How We Do It!” first look on Comedy Central; CD/DVD coming in February

How does a former NFL cheerleader become a stand-up comedian? Well, there may be some praying involved. But that's no problem for Anjelah Johnson, who cheered for the Oakland Raiders, appeared as a cast member of FOX's MADtv for a hot minute, and was a "new face" at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival just last year. Perhaps you've seen her nail salon bit — 15 million views and counting on YouTube at this date. She's in the new film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, and also has parts in the upcoming movie, Our Family Wedding, and a voice role in the animated big-screen take on Marmaduke. Her first one-hour stand-up special, "That's How We Do It," debuted Monday night on Comedy Central. Let's take a quick look. Johnson is a little lady with a big presence, or at least big attitude. She's Mexican and Native American, and an unabashed Christian. But her stand-up is not dependent upon her heritage or her religious beliefs. Instead, there's a cute bit up front about her family being creative about being poor. There's also several bits about family. Her grandmother's inability to leave good voice-mails. Her grandfather's attempts to be hip and cool. Shopping at cheap clothing stores. Using fake IDs to get into nightclubs when she was 14. Roll a clip! She talked about cheering for the Raiders the year they...

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The NYT tells you what the trades reported what I TOLDJA last week: “Jeff Dunham Show” cancelled!

I'm beginning to understand how someone like Nikki Finke can become an Internet crank who stays inside like a hermit and yells TOLDJA! everytime her scoops get re-reported by the "mainstream" media. For the dozen or so of you who read The Comic's Comic on a daily basis, my apologies in advance for publicizing my annoyance. But really. If your name isn't Jeff Dunham, or someone who worked on his Comedy Central "sitcom" this fall, then you read about Dunham's puppet prank series getting cancelled — or failing to get renewed — on my site a week ago. Perhaps because it was Dec. 23, the mainstream media couldn't follow through with their own reports until after Christmas and the weekend. And so it was today, the following Tuesday morning, that The Hollywood Reporter reached out and got Comedy Central to confirm my report. No link. Then the New York Times cited THR's report. Again, no link. I know they know about my site, because they've followed my scoops on TV comedy before. And Dave went to the same college I did, so he must be a good kid and it couldn't be his fault. He did give me a ReTweet today, for what that's worth. The New York Times and the trades just don't want to acknowledge that a lone Internet journalist could be scooping them on a regular...

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Will Judah Friedlander still be “World Champion” in 2010? Learn that, and more, in the FUTURE

Do you want to know your future? It's not a trick question, but it does have tricky answers. Which is why I asked a handful of comedians for their best guesses at what will happen in the very near future, otherwise known as 2010. I've published some of their predictions for the year to come over on — read 20 Predictions from 10 Comedians for 2010 — and tell them I sent you! As part of this in-depth investigation into the future, I turned to my funny friend Judah Friedlander, who plays Frank on the Emmy-winning NBC sitcom 30 Rock, for a peek into his own plans for 2010. You can see by the picture here that Friedlander has big plans for the year ahead. Who else but the "World Champion" would run topless through Times Square in a blizzard? Judah took a few minutes to chat with me electronically about his plans for 2010. Enjoy! 12:42pm Judah i predict that, to make up for the fact that i have not released a cd, i will release my first stand-up cd. it will be a box set of 5 cds & will include a bonus "greatest hits" cd. 12:43pm Sean nice 12:43pm Judah i'll just release the box set all at once. 12:44pm Sean of course will you be in the Winter Olympics? it's being covered by NBC,...

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