Day: December 24, 2009

Last-minute gift ideas from Donald Glover! What do you mean it’s not ready for primetime?

Are you doing some last-minute gift shopping today? Then Donald Glover, from Derrick comedy (Mystery Team) and seen Thursday nights on NBC's Community, is here to help! He went out to an outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles and shared some of his ideas with the people recently, including Zhu Zhu Pu Pu Platters, and a Little Lil Wayne doll. I found this on The Jay Leno Show's online pages, but it's labeled as a "Backstage With Bryan" exclusive Web clip. Wait. What? You mean to tell me this wasn't good enough to be seen on the TV, but some of Leno's other jokes were? Please tell me this is an error. Otherwise, no wonder Leno's in trouble. Enough about him, though. Let's get back to Donald Glover and his toy ideas. Enjoy. Roll...

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Freshwater Picnic wishes you a happy hipster holiday, the American Apparel way

If you've seen one Gap or Old Navy holiday ad, then you know that retailers sometimes spend way too much time thinking about how to spread enough holiday cheer to keep you shopping. Well, what would the hipster types at American Apparel do if they had a TV ad for the holidays. NYC-based comedy troupe Freshwater Picnic has the answer for you. Roll...

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