Day: December 22, 2009

Watch this year’s rejected celebrity Santa auditions: It’s High Treason!

I missed out on seeing High Treason last night at the UCB Theatre's Maude Night, but thankfully, we all can enjoy their holiday sketch of "Rejected Celebrity Santa Auditions," featuring appearances by Tim Gunn, Penelope Cruz, Feist, Shakira, President Barack Obama, Bjork, Billy Joel and Bono. Looks like there might not be a celebrity Santa this year? This sketch written & directed by Aaron Glaser; shot & edited by Danny Reynolds. Starring: Michael Hartney, Kate McKinnon, Veronica Osorio, Marcus Bishop-Wright, Rob Webber, Sarah Claspell. Featuring: Melissa Gordon and Aaron...

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Patton Oswalt to make Broadway debut; joins trend of stand-up comedians hitting the big stage

Producers of a Broadway revival of Terrance McNally's "Lips Together, Teeth Apart," announced that Megan Mullally and Patton Oswalt would take the leading roles when the former Off-Broadway hit from 1991 returns to New York City's bigger stages in April 2010. It's set for a limited engagement to run through June. Oswalt played drama on the big screen this year in Big Fan, but his Broadway debut in the coming year marks yet another stand-up comedian who will learn the lines for the dramatic stage. Is this a new trend or just something we're only now starting to notice? Who's to say? A quick search of my memory and the Internet turns up at least these precedents of going from stand-up to stage: Mario Cantone has performed in several Broadway productions since 1995. But it seems as though the connection between stand-up and Broadway began heating up in the past six years, when Eddie Izzard received a Tony Award nomination for starring in the 2003 revival of "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg." Since then, musical comedian Stephen Lynch has starred in the stage adaptation of the film, "The Wedding Singer," Bob Saget took a turn as the Man in Chair in 2007's version of "The Drowsy Chaperone," Cedric the Entertainer was part of last year's short-lived revival of "American Buffalo," and of course, the beginning of 2009...

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