Day: December 21, 2009

Watch: KRS-One & Lupe Fiasco join DAG, Kenan on Nike’s Kobe & LeBron Christmas puppet rap

If you haven't noticed David Alan Grier and Kenan Thompson as the voices of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in Nike's series of puppet ads, then perhaps the addition of KRS-One and Lupe Fiasco on a Christmas rap song will get your attention? They're dunking on reindeer! Roll the clip! Background: Here's a link from DAG's site to three of his favorite other Nike puppet...

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The Derf Junham Show goes where The Jeff Dunham Show dares not tread in 2010?

In this new spoof on Funny or Die, comedian Rob Lathan plays a ventriloquist named Derf Junham who experiences a moral crisis during a routine with his terrorist puppet Talibob. The timing on this is spooky, because I heard multiple reports late Friday that Comedy Central wasn't going forward with a second season of The Jeff Dunham Show — Comedy Central's people denied that any decision had been made when I put the question directly to them — but perhaps the backlash is being heard. Well, we know the backlash is being heard because The New York Times has written multiple pieces trying to explain Dunham's popularity to the "rest" of America. Somebody tell Gabe at Videogum that DING DONG! his nemesis may soon be defeated (well, not defeated so much as deflated). In the meantime, roll the clip of "The Derf Junham...

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Please take 70 moments to watch this devastatingly funny takedown of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

I have been meaning to post many things today, but before I can do that, I must encourage you to watch this devastatingly funny, on-point, and sometimes completely random critique of Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace, by an outfit called Red Letter Media that offers video production services (and film reviews!) in Milwaukee. It went up about a week ago, and it has seven parts to it. Just wow. If I were an old man with a basement and had enough spare time and video-editing knowledge, I could only hope to put something like this together. Too funny! Contains some profanities, but they are wholly and utterly essential, because, craptastic doesn't begin to describe what George Lucas did with the most successful movie franchise ever. Just when I thought I knew why we hated this movie, this 70-minute takedown reminds us in detail after detail just how mind-blowingly dumb we were for allowing this to dominate our pop culture landscape. We're going to party like it's 1999 up in this website. I cannot wait until 10 years from now when someone does this to Avatar. Part one examines the characters. Apparently a movie needs a character you can believe in, or at least describe. How'd they do on that front? Roll it! Part two takes a look at story. Every movie needs a story, right? How would you...

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Showtime gives “Ronna & Beverly” a shot at midnight to spread the Jewish Ab-Fab word

The Jews already have a story about a Hanukkah miracle, with oil lasting eight crazy nights. Can a pair of Boston Jewish ladies stage another miracle by turning their TV pilot on Showtime into something more, with only two airings planned after midnight at the end of the year? Ask Ronna and Beverly, who are doing just that with the screen adaptation of their long-running UCB Theatre stage show, in which they create and promote their new guide to dating, "You'll Do A Little Better Next Time." They've gotten plenty of their funny friends to spread the word in the past day on Twitter and Facebook (Rob Corddry, Rob Riggle, Thomas Lennon, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Jackie Clarke, Eliza Skinner, Brian Huskey and Dan Levy, among them). Will it get you to watch? More importantly, will it get the show picked up by Showtime or another network? Let's ask them. So I did. Here's Beverly (Jamie Denbo), whom Ronna (Jessica Chaffin) said replied with "wicked smart" answers. Does it matter that their characters are Jews from Boston? Denbo, a Boston native, said the location choice "is so specific and funny for some reason." Learn more, now!  How did you and Jessica get the show from there to Showtime? Because of the growing popularity of our stage show (in both LA and NY, primarily at UCB) over about two-and-a-half years, we...

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