Day: December 18, 2009 liked Bob Dylan’s “comedy” CD more than yours in 2009, except for these 9 lucky comics

Do the people at have a sense of humor or what? Choose wisely. Because they just posted their list of the 10 Best Comedy Albums of 2009. Did you make the cut? Let me put it this way. Were you funnier than Bob Dylan on record? Because his CD, Christmas in the Heart, came in at #10 on Amazon's list. Sure. Why not? I bet it's a laugh riot. Here were the top nine comedy albums in's opinion from this year. Not sure I agree, but then again, I haven't come up with my list yet. Theirs tops out with The Lonely Island, followed by Patton Oswalt, Doug Benson, Flight of the Conchords, Eugene Mirman, Dana Gould, Maria Bamford, Jim Gaffigan and Nick Swardson. You can check them all out via this handy carousel.

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Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Showdown returns for another year of comedians begging for your votes

Good Lord. It's happening again. Comedy Central's Stand-Up Showdown began accepting votes online and via text messages (and now, with Facebook Connect!) for your favorite comedians who also happen to have Comedy Central specials. That's catch Number One. Catch Number Two: The final rankings, to be revealed at the end of January, will be determined by whichever comedians care enough — and bug you enough — to get you to vote as many times as possible for him or her. If you don't see Zach Galifianakis or Louis CK at the top of the charts, it's because they've got better things to do than send you daily emails, Facebook messages and Twitter posts to vote for their very old specials to air one more time on Comedy Central. Catch Number Three: Some comedians believe these rankings matter and list them as credits. Why? Because in a sick and twisted way, ranking high in this fan vote popularity contest tells Comedy Central that the comedian has a fan base worth catering to, pandering to, and then broadcasting to. Which means you really do win when you win this contest. Jeff Dunham and Kyle Cease the past two year's "winners." See the top 20 from Comedy Central's Stand-Up Showdown 2009, and 2008's Stand-Up Showdown results. Who will win in January 2010? That's up to you to decide. And that's the rub....

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Can the Internet be used for good to kick-start a comedy project? Mindy Raf and Kickstarter hope so

If I had a nickel for every time I thought about my own financial plight, then I'd have enough nickels to not be in a financial plight. But enough about me. What about you and your comedy dreams? How can you make them come true in this digital age without begging, whether it be on a subway platform, a public radio/TV pledge drive or a blog? A new site called Kickstarter aims to help all sorts of artists — comedians, among them — get their projects off the ground, and also puts the pressure on them with a deadline to make it happen, or not. It's new, so not everyone can sign up just yet with their own ideas. Take a look at Kickstarter's comedy projects, which show that folks such as Jesse Thorn and Steve Cooper already have met their financial benchmarks successfully. Now it's Mindy Raf's turn. She has less than a week left in her campaign to make and press her own vinyl comedy record for her feminist chick-rocker alter-ego, Leibya Rogers. On her Kickstarter page, you donate money, and if you donate certain amounts, you get a prize of your own. Watch her video pitch here: I sat down and she sat down at our respective computers to chat a little more about how Kickstarter may be able to help a comedian out. So, tell...

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