Day: November 17, 2009

Reminder: I’m this week’s guest editor at Rooftop Comedy

Hey, comedy fans. Want to see what happens when the nice people at Rooftop Comedy asked me to look through their video collection and pick out six stand-up clips to share with you? Mission accomplished! Wondering how and why I picked the six I did? Well, I tried not to duplicate the other recent "guest editor" selections, looked to showcase newer videos when possible, and also shine a light on people who I think deserve a second, third or fiftieth look from you....

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Inside NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” with the cast & crew at The Paley Center

One of my first stops on my Hollywood misadventure was to The Paley Center for Media's Beverly Hills branch for a behind-the-scenes discussion with the cast and crew of NBC's Parks and Recreation — a sitcom that I feel has found a funnier level in its second season following its unusual debut launch in the spring. But we can let the people involved with the show explain that. Seemed as though many of the audience members in attendance worked for nearby local governments and wanted to let the cast and crew know how "spot-on" they were in nailing life inside Town Hall. Here is a guy who looks like Nick Offerman posing with the actor. I could have told them this as well, having covered various local governments in Idaho and Washington state as a newspaper reporter — and sakes alive, bubba jive, you have not lived until you've discovered the soap opera mini-dramas of a water and sewer district. Let me tell you. Or not. Let's focus, people! Pawnee, Indiana, you're on the air, fictional city. Greg Daniels said they had to pick a fictional town. His other NBC sitcom, The Office, may be set in a real place (Scranton, Penn.), but the town is not the driving force of the plot; it's the people in the office. In Parks and Rec, however, the town is the focus....

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Judd Apatow will answer your questions over the Internets. Limited time offer!

Did you see Judd Apatow last night on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien? If so, then good, because maybe then you won't have a silly question to ask him if you take part in his "live interactive interview" with you and everyone else over the Internets on Wednesday afternoon. It's all happening courtesy of Funny or Die (Apatow is a co-conspirator for the site). You can submit your own questions in advance for Apatow via this Facebook page. Apatow himself will appear on your screens at 3:30 p.m. EDT (12:30 p.m. Pacific) Wednesday, Nov. 18. And if you need brushing up on your Apatow with Conan, roll on over this clip and get your brain...

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Zach Galifianakis has Conan O’Brien (with Andy Richter and more!) between two ferns

Ladies and germination fans, it's time once again for a new episode of "Between Two Ferns," the Funny or Die talk show that puts host Zach Galifianakis between two ferns with a special guest. In today's installment, Galifianakis welcomes Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter to the studio. O'Brien wants to crack jokes, but Galifianakis is not having any of it. He has questions. And he goes to dinner with Richter and learns things. "Andy and I have the same trainer." If you enjoyed the previous episodes with Jon Hamm, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Cera, then, well, you already know you'll like this. Cue the crickets on tumbleweeds, hold onto your hats and wait until the end for the M. Nighty Night plot twist. Ready, set, roll the clip!   Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis from Between Two...

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Do you have a current TV credit? Then you may be on Comedy Central’s “Hot List”

Comedy Central has picked nine stand-up comedians for a new special called Comedy Central's Hot List, and if you're a reader of The Comic's Comic, absolutely none of the people on this list will come as a surprise. Oh, you may quibble and say so-and-so is much hotter than who'sa-ma-what'she, or wonder why isn't that guy on the list, but that's like wondering whether Rolling Stone is going to name someone the "Hot Comic" and then rip the "Hot Comic" the next year for no longer being hot (see: Cook, Dane). Or maybe they'll come up with a list of 12 Comics Who Aren't Funny — thank you Newsweek for providing this service! Oh, wait. You mean to tell me that's just a deliberate slideshow trap to generate tons of page views and incredulous comments? Nice try, Newsweek. No. Actually. Not a nice try, Newsweek. You didn't even try, it seems. But enough about them. What about the new "Hot List"? Comedy Central must have been reading Variety's 10 Comics to Watch list, then decided, hey, we could do that as a TV show, throw some stand-up footage and interviews in there, and voila: Instant comedy. Their picks for Comedy Central's Hot List, which airs Dec. 6, include Aziz Ansari, Anthony Jeselnik, Nick Kroll, T.J. Miller, Whitney Cummings, Jon Lajoie, Donald Glover, Matt Braunger and Kumail Nanjiani. The press...

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