Day: November 10, 2009

Lopez Tonight debuted on TBS; my two cents, plus a couple of clips

George Lopez said he was going to bring the party to late-night TV and revolutionize the game. Can you do that in just one night? Probably not. But Lopez Tonight debuted on TBS on Monday night, anyhow, and you want to know if you missed out, and if so, what did you miss? Was it "very funny"? Lopez has been using "Low Rider" as his musical theme for all of his promos, and there it was opening his show on Monday night. "The revolution begins right now!" Lopez declared to the audience. In English and en Espanol! "This is what America looks like," he told them. "It's young, and it's old. It is black. It is white. It is Asian. It is Latino." This has been his push, his mantra, his goal, to hit all of the demographics. But why is the audience continuing to stand during his monologue? Do they not have chairs in this studio? Meanwhile, Lopez gets in a topical joke on Sammy Sosa and one not-so topical (unless you're going literal) about Sinbad. There's also an edit or two. You see that sometimes in panel interviews, but in monologues? How long did he talk for last night? Or was it to cut out language — he was joking about saying the word "bitch" right before one jump. Lopez got about 10 minutes on the air, which...

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Leaving Reno. Don’t call 911! Next stop: MullerCize!

Do you feel bad that you might not get to see any more episodes of Reno 911! I'm sensing a theme today. It's all about moving forward with our lives, and Reno's Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant have shown us that you can dingle your Dangle all you want, but without proper diet and nutrition, you aren't going to be fully Muller-Cized. Now with more bear testosterone. Co-starring Irina Voronina, who appeared on the Reno TV series as well as the movie. Roll the clip! Guntram Müller's MüllerCize It! (part 1) from Thomas...

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“Pop-Tarts and Wine” with Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser

Are you suffering from withdrawal of seeing how crazy the white people were who worked in advertising in 1963? Well, you are in luck. Particularly if you want to see actor Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell on AMC's Mad Men) become the latest guest on Pop-Tarts and Wine, the new online series from comedians Sean O'Connor and Julian McCullough. In the series, O'Connor is supposed to interview women who are musicians and trick them into dating him (see how it started with Kelly Crisp of The Rosebuds); this time, however, he's trying to get Kartheiser to take him on as a wingmen. They're going to need new suits. "You have a floral print." Priceless. This video is slightly NSFW. Directed and edited by Ralph Arend. Roll the...

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Random! Bobby Tisdale’s Sony TV ad features Julia Allison, Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake

When this TV ad appeared before my eyeballs this morning, I had to hit the pause and rewind buttons on my remote control to make sure I wasn't still dreaming. Nope. That was comedian Bobby Tisdale in a new Sony TV ad. Oh, right. He was being sold on Sony by a panel of experts led by Julia Allison, alongside Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake and a little girl. And they played Wac-A-Mole. Sure. Right. Obviously. Now, if you do not have the Internets (you have the Internets, you're looking at it right now!), then perhaps you do not know who some of these people are. One of them is a famous singer. One of them is a famous professional athlete. One of them is a little girl. One of them is a former dating columnist for a local magazine. I won't tell you which one is which. Let's just say this 30-second spot is like an "Only in New York" moment brought to life. By Sony. Roll the clip! And for your further viewing pleasure, here is a clip from a new online series from Mr. Bobby Tisdale called "Bobby Pre-Dinner Dinner Show." In this first episode, Tisdale is waiting on his dinner guest, Edward Van Halen, when he and his dog, Lewis, share...

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