Day: November 8, 2009

Funny or Die promotes George Carlin’s “Last Words,” just as LATimes promotes Funny or Die

The Los Angeles Times spotlights the folks at Funny or Die today as part of the paper's series on how show business is looking more and more at alternative comedy. Although I'm not sure I'd call the site's celeb-studded model alternative, FoD certainly has helped make more people aware of a number of comedians who you'd normally find in the UCB Theatres instead of the mainstream comedy clubs. The LAT piece also points out that FoD has maintained success by getting celebrities to appear in videos for free, and from companies to promote their projects and products. Coincidentally, today's home page on FoD gives a big push to the late George Carlin's Last Words, with a video from Simon & Schuster promoting some of its other comedians with books (Michael Ian Black, Jeffrey Ross, Richard Belzer, Susie Essman and George Wendt): Last Words on George Carlin from George Carlin If you'd like to read an excerpt of Last Words, Funny or Die has made that possible, too. Here is chapter one from Last Words, by George Carlin. It's co-authored by Tony Hendra. You can also enter a sweepstakes to win a Carlin prize...

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Recapping SNL #35.5 with Taylor Swift

Whenever someone young hosts Saturday Night Live, I wonder if the show's sense of humor is going to get shaken up to appeal to the host's demographic. Of course, every host has an influence on what sketches make it to air. And 19-year-old Taylor Swift is a hard person to dislike — has been ever since she serenaded Tim McGraw at an awards show with the song she named for him. Swift is talented and endearing. What would she do with her turn as both SNL's host and musical guest? Let's get to recapping! Our COLD OPEN goes to FOX News Channel's Election Night coverage, with Kristen Wiig anchoring the anchor desk as the Botoxed Greta slurring words out of the corner of her mouth, Bill Hader as Shep Smith, Will Forte as Brit Hume, Kenan Thompson as Juan Williams, and Bobby Moynihan as Karl Rove. With Fred Armisen as the overlooked Democrat, Joe Trippi. Hader gave Shep some sass. But Jason Sudeikis as Glenn Beck is sublime and ridiculous. And Wiig may not be a ventriloquist, but did you see how her lips moved? Nice. Ended the sketch just in time. TAYLOR SWIFT'S MONOLOGUE: Swift jokes about being just a kid, and how when she gets emotional, she writes a song. Would you like to hear it? La. La. La. Hahaha, Joe Jonas. "We have a great show....

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