Day: November 7, 2009

Adrienne Iapalucci, the People’s Choice to perform in the New York Comedy Festival

Adrienne Iapalucci opened last night for Bill Burr at Town Hall as part of the New York Comedy Festival. How'd she do it? By winning the People's Choice "Opening Act" contest, that's how. Here is the set she uploaded for the contest: So you can see why she'd be a good match for Burr's audience, right? I heard she was nervous to go up, but killed it. When you can be funny in the Bronx, how is a theater audience in Times Square supposed to be intimidating? She was beaming when I saw her last night. I also caught up with Iapalucci via the Internets, and here's what else she told me about winning the contest: "As far as the People's Choice, I get to open for a headliner at the festival, get to stay in a really nice hotel, have transportation provided, get to go to L.A. and receive a People's Choice Award. There have been a lot of things that I have received that weren't part of winning but were a direct result of me doing so, got to meet with Caroline Hirsch and Louis Faranda of Carolines, met with someone from the New York Times and had a featured article, have been asked to do an interview for Stagtetime Magazine, have done some other interviews, and have been exposed to other things that I would have...

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The art of comedy: Mama Spell draws up, paints the NYC comedy scene in new gallery exhibition

Do you ever see something funny happening in front of you and wish you could capture the moment? Sharon "Mama" Spell has been doing just that in recent months, and her artwork is now on display in Brooklyn at The Fall Cafe. I asked her about her exhibition, and here's what she told me… "A rule of thumb for any creative endeavor is to go with what you know. That's true for comedians to talk about personal experiences, letting your individual interpretation of a situation come through. The same is true for visual art. It's a large part of why I believe Mindy Tucker has been so successful in photographing the comedy and music world. Her friends were putting on shows, and she has talent and a camera: make art from what you see before you. In January of this year I had my first solo art show at The Fall Cafe, then booked this second one which opens November 6. I needed to make new work, but with my schedule I spent a lot of time hanging out after comedy shows. While the networking was fun, I needed to be more productive with my time. I had an old sketchbook that fit into my messenger bag, and just started taking it with me. Thought about also taking my oil pastels along, but that would be too messy. Just...

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