Day: October 27, 2009

How many different types of vampire videos can you watch in one mortal lifetime?

Did I mention Halloween is coming, and with it, more comedy? I did, didn't I? Surprise, surprise, just launched a new online series called Intercourse With A Vampire, and it's very NSFW, as if you could not ascertain by the word "Intercourse" in the title. Watch, if you dare! Intercourse With A Vampire, Episode 1 Funny Videos | Sci-Fi & Horror Hilarity | Psycho Chicks & Total Dicks So this makes how many different types of vampire videos, at this point? I stopped counting a while ago. Thankfully, the kids at CollegeHumor have kept count on the draculas and choculas and other batty immortals. And they brought them all together for a Vampire Reunion! Roll...

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Just when ESPN needed something funny, it’s the season 3 debut of Mayne Street

ESPN has had a rough week, PR-wise, what with the guy having sex with the young woman who's not his wife, and the other guy making a woefully unfunny joke about a race-car driver based loosely on his ethnic heritage, so they're really due for something to remind us that they're great at delivering us sports information and also quite funny in doing so. Cue Kenny Mayne! Mayne has always been one of my favorite ESPN guys (and the fact that I used to write for the newspaper in Federal Way, Wash., from whence he came, has nothing to do with it). Today marked the debut of season three of Mayne Street, the anchor/reporter's online series. You can watch season one of Mayne Street here; or season two here. Comedians Alison Becker, Aubrey Plaza and Ben Schwartz have been part of Mayne's crew, though none of them are in the debut, which finds Mayne paying a visit to another guy with sports/media things in common with the blog, Bill Simmons. I've read The Sports Guy's columns for years, but this probably isn't the best time to depict yourself as a faker who has bikini-clad women gratuitously make out and wrestle at your fake mansion, is it? Anyhow. Timing! Who's with me? Roll the...

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Russ Mitchell of CBS News attempts stand-up comedy at Carolines; lives to report about it

As a previous holder of the fabled (not imaginary) title of New York's Funniest Reporter, I have a vested interest whenever NYC-based reporters try their hands at stand-up. Even more so when they do so outside the confines of the little contest I won in 2007. Which brings me to last night at Carolines, where CBS News reporter (and national weekend anchor) Russ Mitchell took to the stage to tell some jokes. Talk about a fast turnaround: Mitchell's report on it aired this morning on The Early Show. Yes, I watch The Early Show when I'm up that early (Today keeps me going after 9 a.m. with its bonus morning hoo-ha). Roll the clip! Watch CBS News Videos Online OK. A couple of things. Joan Rivers was pretty funny offering advice to Mitchell, and hearing Harry Smith (?) ooh over Mitchell's acknowledgement that Pete Dominick also wrote some jokes for him was a nice moment. Mitchell also was quick to thank the comforting crowd (with many coworkers there, it was essentially a bringer!) and staff at Carolines for putting him at ease. But Dave Price? Price is that type of TV meteorologist who's always quick to sneak a joke or wisecrack whenever he can every morning, so he's the guy you'd figure would jump at the chance to perform at Carolines (or any comedy club). Hearing Price say that...

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How is your comedy scene celebrating Halloween?

That seems like such an odd question. How is your comedy scene celebrating Halloween? I didn't know Halloween was known for comedy, is something that a rational human being who can read and write on the Internets would say (but that wouldn't be a category on The $25,000 Pyramid or any other monetary-pyramid-game show equivalent — Something a Rational Human Being Who Can Read And Write On The Internets! — that just would never fit in the pyramid-shaped box, and you should have known better). And yet. Maybe comedians find something comfortable in the pagan world of horror — we talk about our experiences with audience members as killing and bombing, after all. For whatever reason, it seems as though Halloween brings out a number of themed shows (more, I'd argue, than for Christmas and Hanukkah) in comedy clubs across the nation. In Boston, slasher-comedy-gore-musical Gorefest is celebrating its seventh year of blood-splattering fun with Improv Boston. A quick check of the Los Angeles UCB Theatre's schedule reveals themed shows this week from Comedy Death-Ray, The Apple Sisters, a Friday-night party and a Gallery of Evil show on Halloween night. Here in NYC, my radar already has turned up multiple shows finding ha-ha's in horror this week. It began last night at the UCB Theatre with Thunder Gulch's presentation of Monster Night Live, an SNL-gone-Halloween spoof. The UCB's big...

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Want to see people nude? There’s an app for that. Or is there? (VIDEO)

Ever since I recently made the switch to the iPhone 3GS, I've been even more perceptive of all of the advertising that hits the airwaves both for and against the Apple superphone (thanks, Verizon, for launching the "map" parody spots what seemed like the day after I got my iPhone; and yet, despite that and the oncoming "Droid" phone, I am still in a newlywed phase with my iPhone). There also have been countless parody videos made and uploaded about the iPhone in the past two years, many straight parodies of the Apple TV ads, so I won't belabor you with links to them. But this short video landed in my inbox a few days ago, and it only keeps gaining more viewers on the YouTubes and other Internets. If you ever thought of shelling out the quarters for the X-Ray glasses in the back of a comic book, then you certainly have been waiting your entire life for someone to create a Nude app for the iPhone 3GS. So here that is (and since this is a site about comedy, I hope you're smart enough to know that SPOILER ALERT): Related: So who is the bald guy? He's a New Yorker who has made short video ads for Serious Eats and Thrillist, as well as capturing the sights and sounds of our subways. His name is Michael Krivicka....

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