Day: October 19, 2009

Interview: Tig Notaro talks about her show-biz career, and curating The Bentzen Ball in D.C.

When the D.C. Comedy Festival decided it wasn't returning in 2009, the folks at Brightest Young Things — who know a thing or two about throwing a party — asked comedian Tig Notaro — who knows a thing or two about funny people — to help them fill the comedy void in our nation's capital. They're putting on the inaugural Bentzen Ball this weekend, Oct. 22-25, in Washington, D.C. I sat down at my computer and typed out some questions, and Tig Notaro took whatever position she takes when she types on a computer (I'm going to imagine she's straddling this motorcycle), and the power of the Internets brought our fingers and thoughts together for an interview. Ready, set, read! Do you think D.C. needs comedy more and/or differently from other parts of the country? I can't imagine any place where someone would say, "Nope, no more comedy needed here folks, thanks though. Move it along." I guess DC strikes me as even more prime of an area though due to the increased interest in the city itself and politics in general since Obama took office. Comedians obviously have something to say, and DC is the perfect city to speak their minds in, regardless of the topic. Who isn't up for a debate in that town? Politics, comedy or otherwise. How would you compare putting together the Bentzen Ball...

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Lopez Tonight gives me something to talk about at the watercooler

Have you been watching the Major League Baseball playoffs this October? If so, then you know beyond a shadow of a shadow that George Lopez will debut his new late-night talker on TBS on Nov. 9. And check out what showed up in my mailbox over the weekend. My very own mini watercooler with Lopez on it! Will that sway my opinion on his show, Lopez Tonight? Not exactly. But I do like this new clip Lopez put up on his show's site today, in which he talks about how when he was young, Chris Rock's manager Dave Becky took Lopez aside and offered some sage advice. And the result is why Lopez is no longer the kid who does a Latino version of Rodney Dangerfield (although you get to see that in the clip!) but the man he is today. Which is a man with his own late-night TV show. The TBS site offers new clips twice a week in preparation for the...

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