Day: October 13, 2009

HuffPo wants your vote on seven big comedy feuds

My friends at the Huffington Post know how the Internets work, and today they posted this click-and-click-some-more slideshow on what they call the seven most infamous comedy feuds. All seven selections are from modern times, and they added a voting feature, too. As I type this, Jay Leno and David Letterman only ranked #3? Maybe it's because the photos they used are from when the feud...

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Your three finalists for the People’s Choice “Opening Act” at the 2009 New York Comedy Festival

Voting is now open for the finals of the first-ever People's Choice "Opening Act Competition" at the 2009 New York Comedy Festival. I told you about this previously. You can vote until Oct. 22 — the winner will be announced the following day. So who's still in the running? You can watch each of them here, but you'll need to go to the People's Choice "Opening Act Competition" site to vote for your favorite. Adrienne Iapalucci John Powers Staci Lynn...

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Would you like to buy something Lenny Bruce owned? Bidding opens on comedian’s memorabilia

If he were still alive, Lenny Bruce would have turned 84 today. To honor the late legendary comedian, his daughter Kitty is overseeing the auctioning off more than 25 items of memorabilia from his estate to raise money for Lenny's House, a non-profit shelter for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Want to inspect the Lenny Bruce auction items; among them, this black trench coat? Bidding opens today and ends Oct. 28, with a benefit show that night at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, with performances by Richard Lewis, Paul Mooney, Rick Overton, Paul Provenza and Bobby Slayton. Info and tickets for that show here. ‚ÄúFor more than 40 years, I held onto these items, but I am happy to let them go because it will help so many,‚Äù Kitty Bruce said. ‚ÄúI also wanted to honor my father‚Äôs memory in a way that will change lives. And with Lenny‚Äôs House, I have never felt so right about anything in my entire life. And in these times we need to help each other and those who cannot help...

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Preview: Brent Sullivan talks about his “Fag Life” and homophobe Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps believes that "God Hates Fags," because that is his Website and he's that guy who sends out people across the land to picket anything and everything and say that it's all happening because gay sex turns God's smile upside down and forces God to kill people. Perhaps you've seen them? They showed up in Brooklyn recently, but alas, they were not here to protest comedian Brent Sullivan's new one-man show, Fag Life: A Conversation with Fred Phelps. Fag Life: A Conversation with Fred Phelps debuts Oct. 16 and Oct. 23 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. Photo of Brent Sullivan by Mindy Tucker. "Phelps' family came to Brooklyn for another reason, I think," Sullivan told me via email. "However, (directors Dave Hill and Eliot Glazer) and I are trying very hard to get them to protest the show as well. It's my dream, in fact. I don't think it's too far-fetched. He/his family protests ALL over the country, almost every weekend. I don't know where they get the money from." Sullivan's show explores his own experiences with the gay community, through the rainbow prism that is the rambling rants of homophobe Phelps. Here is a Phelps video in which he accuses the entire University of Nebraska of being fags, now with added commentary from Sullivan:   Sullivan said his intent was to make a show...

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Katt Williams produces archival material for his “new” DVD, because he is “Pimpadelic”

Is Katt Williams the Tupac of stand-up comedy? Well, no. Of course not. Katt Williams is very much alive, even though he allegedly did retire at the end of 2008, and even people close to him told me recently they haven't heard much from him since said retirement. So when I learned that Williams had a "new" DVD out today, I thought, really? Turns out this new documentary, while intriguing in itself, is really a piece of work that's been around for a while, as this clip tells us that all of the footage comes from 2005 — which is intriguing because it's essentially from when the masses really started to catch on to what he was all about. OK. Roll the clip! (Note: Contains language that is NSFW, and also ads for other things?) Here is a more official clip from the DVD: His own website doesn't have much news to report this year, either. But it did put up an update this summer to help sell more KW merch, in the form of an iPhone app… Here that is! And if you'd like to buy the DVD (I'd suggest it for big fans who want to complete a collection), here's a...

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