Day: October 11, 2009

SNL #35.3 with Drew Barrymore, Regina Spektor

How can a comedy show manage to be intriguing and also vaguely disappointing? Let's find out, shall we? Drew Barrymore celebrated her sixth time hosting Saturday Night Live, more than any other woman, as she told the audience last night. And yet, or perhaps, because of that fact, we had ourselves a more indulgent show — for it has been said that the guest hosts can have enough influence to shape what gets in and stays off the air, and Barrymore certainly felt like she knew what she wanted to do this time around. Would it be funny? Well. Can we just pretend the cold open didn't happen? When President Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize on a Friday, SNL had a day and a half to slap something together. Which they did. They slapped something together. It will not win a Nobel, nor an Emmy. Nor more commentary from me. Congrats: Drew Barrymore's monologue, however, deserves a few words. Still difficult to comprehend that SNL (not the Lorne Michaels edition) actually invited Barrymore to host the show in 1982 when she was only 7! But, still, also, props to her for doing this six times. Furthermore, nice of her to include most of the cast in a bit about her ancestors and their rich tradition of stage acting. The bit — having them mimic Drew's mannerisms —...

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New York Times discovers comedians in Astoria

Just in time for Columbus Day, the New York Times makes a similarly bold "discovery." Did you know that comedians who move to NYC tend to live in Astoria because the Queens neighborhood offers cheap rent and plenty of parking? Did I mention the cheap rent? And a sense of camaraderie, as there are plenty of other comedians with whom to rant and rave about life and show business. (I stayed with comedians in Astoria while I looked for my first NYC apartment, which ended up being in Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights) So yes, this is a thing that most everyone in show business knew about already, and I suppose it's slightly interesting to commoners, but either way, it's nice to see the neighborhood and its comedians getting ink in the big mainstream newspaper. Congrats, my friends in Astoria! How many comedians can you identify in this photo? Click it to...

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What did Gawker know about Jimmy Kimmel’s love life, and when did it know it?

With all of the hoo-ha over whose hoo-ha late-night funnyman David Letterman has been dilly-dallying with, the news that Jimmy Kimmel has been dating his younger head writer, Molly McNearny, came at a great time for all parties involved, didn't it? People magazine claimed an exclusive on this late Saturday, saying that Kimmel and McNearny have dated for several months. That's odd. Why? Because Google tells me when I type in "Molly McNearny" that several months ago, Gawker Media's older guard of Defamer writers had posted this gossip along with a vigorously anonymous denial from within the show's ranks. BTW, not for nothing, but for any of you aspiring comedy writers out there, here's how McNearny's career arc has gone with Kimmel: Joined the staff as an assistant to the executive producer in July 2003, began writing for the show in 2006, promoted to co-head writer in May 2008. I know staffs at other late-night TV shows have acknowledged publicly that many writers began there as interns or executive assistants. Whether you're a lady with ladyparts or a guy with guyparts, is there ever a chance for a funny writer to get a job writing funny on the TV, or is this antiquated start in the mailroom or making coffee/copies shtick still the way of the future? Just curious. BTW BTW, is this really the best time for a...

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