Day: October 8, 2009

The UCB reunites for The Ultimate Comedy Bash

We're not sure on the hows, whys are wheres of this, but the original members of The Upright Citizens Brigade will be reuniting for "The Greatest Improv Show Ever" this weekend. Well, that's the title of it, anyhow. High noon Saturday in Solvang, Calif. Solvang? Sure, why not Solvang. UCB co-founder/player Matt Walsh asked overnight via Twitter: "Why isn't all of America talking about this?" Maybe it's because your "Ultimate Comedy Bash" is in Solvang?! Just maybe. The bash kicks off on Friday with a "Fresh Faces" show hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and also features "The Greatest Comedy Show Ever" on Saturday afternoon. I'd tell you more, but you can see it's all printed up nice and colorful already! Click on the image to enlarge it....

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Monty Python invades America upon its 40th anniversary

Early Monday morning, the fine chaps at BBC Radio telephoned me and asked me to provide an American's analysis of how Monty Python's comedy has stood the test of time, 40 years after their first TV broadcast on the BBC. Alas, alack, I cannot find a digital clip of our live on-air chat, but I know that it happened, and that I said something to the effect of: "When they said, 'And now for something completely different,' they really meant it. They rewrote the rules of sketch comedy, by saying there were no rules." Here is a BBC-TV clip that shows how Ricky Gervais and other Brits feel about their favorite Monty Python sketches. American fans of Python are in for many treats this month. Eric Idle's An Evening Without Monty Python, a live stage tribute to the troupe's classic sketches, has played to live audiences in Los Angeles and is enjoying a run through this weekend in New York City. I'll let Idle explain the show: John Cleese, meanwhile, has developed a new one-man show about his life and times — all to fund his divorce settlement! True story. Cleese talks more about that and the Python reunion in a new interview today with New York magazine. All of this, though, is leading up to live and televised events that start next week here in New York City....

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Did the @RealTracyMorgan freeze Twitter by joining it?!

Sometimes the Internet gives you lemonade, and sometimes it gives you an Arnold Palmer. What's that, you say? Look, I cannot explain everything to you. That's Google's job. Or is it Bing? Whichever one will sponsor The Comic's Comic first, I say! Anyhow. Where was I? Oh, right. Tracy Morgan: Comedian, actor, mythical being. Yesterday, the Internets told me about a site named Twacy that begged Tracy Morgan to join Twitter and share with us his insights in tiny 140-character-or-less bursts. And about two hours ago, while you were wondering if Twitter had frozen for good, we realized that Tracy Morgan had signed up for the service and been verified as such. So maybe the @RealTracyMorgan made Twitter stop in its tracks! Be careful what you wish for, because well, you may just get it. Which means this video is already outdated. Yay? Roll it anyhow! Roll it, I...

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Pee-wee Herman apologizes for changes and delays to his comeback show

If you are or were a fan of Pee-wee Herman, Paul Reubens' iconic man-child creation, then which situation would displease you more: Having your travel plans dashed (and paying cancellation/exchange fees) because Reubens delayed his comeback show for two months? Or…spending however much money you paid to go see The Pee-wee Herman Show in November and being utterly disappointed for the rest of your life? I know those aren't the only two options, but still. C'mon, people. The Los Angeles Times talked to fans who are angry about this. Get some perspective. For his part, Reubens as Pee-wee took to the Internets last night to apologize to his fans, saying this on the Pee-wee Herman Facebook page: My team has been working hard all day to get to the bottom of the problems some of you are having getting new tickets. Please make sure you are calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-653-8000. The process involves a refund of your old tickets then the opportunity to purchase new tickets for comparable prices and comparable seats at the new venue. This whole process began today at 10am PST and will continue until 10pm PST on Thursday, October 14th PST. If you do not exchange your tickets by this date and time you will receive an automatic refund. If you are being told anything different tell them Pee-wee sent you!! I know the customer...

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In case you missed it, Steve Martin still is serious about the banjo

Steve Martin played Carnegie Hall earlier this week. But didn't he swear off big stand-up comedy shows decades ago? Why, yes. Yes, he did. Martin headlined Carnegie Hall not as a comedian, but as a banjo player, performing with his band, and alongside bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley. Martin talked about his love for the banjo also this week on Late Show with David Letterman, and here's a clip of that, in case you missed it earlier because you were too busy trying not to think about Letterman having sex (oops, sorry about that). Roll the clip! Related: Doing other press for his concert tour, Steve Martin did answer some comedy-related questions posed by Chris Garcia for Rooftop Comedy. Such as… Does performing in front of a live audience ever make you want to try stand-up again? "I don‚Äôt really have a reason to. It‚Äôs strange, I just don‚Äôt have a reason to do stand-up. I do enjoy the comedy little bits we have in the show, I enjoy that and — but I — that‚Äôs — it‚Äôs such a tough job. It would always be a blend of banjo at this point, I...

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