Day: October 6, 2009

When the joke’s on you or your boss: David Letterman & Craig Ferguson offer quite the tutorial

Some people might think that David Letterman should have just shut up about his personal problems, whether because it's a legal issue against the CBS News producer who allegedly blackmailed him or because it's unfair to the women who work for him, or because it merely creeps you out. But this is Letterman's job. He's always been a private guy outside of the show, though he's had to deal with legalities and health issues in the past and known well enough how to joke about it on the air. Monday night's monologue was not only not an exception; it was exceptional. See how Letterman made fun of himself and owned his situation. Roll the clip! An hour later, there was his Worldwide Pants employee, Craig Ferguson. How would Ferguson treat the matter? After all, Letterman is his boss! Well, rather deftly, as it turns out — which is what you would expect and hope from the Scottish comedian. Watch and learn: And then this after the opening...

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Austin plays host to Mitch Hedberg film tribute

If you're going to be in Austin, Texas, on Oct. 11-12, 2009, then you'll be treated to a special treat. That's how treats work, right? And no, I didn't mean to start the Halloween wordsmithing so early. What I meant to do was alert you to a Mitch Hedberg tribute at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, featuring screenings of Hedberg's 1999 film, Los Enchiladas! (which itself features performances by Hedberg, Todd Barry, Dave Attell and Marc Maron), as well as an unseen TV pilot Hedberg did and other rare footage. So if you're there, you best be going to that place to see these things. You're...

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Nick Kroll gives Bobby Bottleservice a new gig as one of The Ed Hardy Boyz (with comic foil Jon Daly)

I don't know if "Ed Hardy" shirts have become the go-to joke in comedy clubs across the land just yet, but it's certainly become an accepted target for mockery in New York City and Los Angeles. Nick Kroll and Jon Daly have taken this product punchline and tagged it up supremely in this sketch called "The Ed Hardy Boyz," where one of Kroll's characters, Bobby Bottleservice, joins up with Daly's Peter Paparazzo to solve crimes. In this instance, crimes mean things like someone stealing a "sick belt buckle." Of course the suspect was wearing an "Affliction" T-shirt. Of course. Also featuring Alison Becker and Brody Stevens. Roll it! This isn't the first time Kroll and Daly have taken on the d-bags of our society. Here they were, this summer, doing just that. Rich Dicks from Jon Daly And here's a closer look at Bobby Bottleservice, in case you needed catching up. Enjoy! Bobby Bottleservice talks to all the sexy internet ladies – watch more funny...

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