Day: October 5, 2009

David Letterman jokes about his own sex scandal in Monday’s monologue, and offers apologies

Well, well. David Letterman vowed on Thursday he wouldn't be talking much about his sex affairs with staffers that got him blackmailed. But he was more than willing to joke about it some more! The Monday night show for The Late Show with David Letterman got out late this afternoon, and by 5 p.m., the CBS News affiliate in NYC was reporting from audience members that Letterman talked about himself and offered up an additional explanation and apology. And within an hour, CBS had the first minute from Letterman's Monday monologue up on the YouTubes (despite, or in response to, the New York Times' allegations in today's paper?). Anyhow. Here that is. More to come… Steve Martin is a panel guest as well as the musical act, so even more reasons to tune in tonight! From Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants (via CBS News), came this excerpt of his apologies on tonight's show: ‚ÄúI‚Äôm terribly sorry that I put the staff in that position. Inadvertently, I just wasn‚Äôt thinking ahead. And, moreover, the staff here has been wonderfully supportive to me, not just through this furor, but through all the years that we‚Äôve been on television and especially all the years here at CBS, so, again, my thanks to the staff for, once again, putting up with something stupid I‚Äôve gotten myself involved in. ‚ÄúNow the other thing is...

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Turn of a phrase: Dan Ahdoot, from Premium Blend to Montreal’s New Faces to The Jay Leno Show

Who says you cannot have a second chance to make a first impression? Dandruff shampoo manufacturers, that's who! OK. Now that I've gotten that intro out of the way, it's time to look at another comedian's opening line, and in this installment, we're turning to Dan Ahdoot. Ahdoot (@standupdan on Twitter) was one of this year's "New Faces" at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival, although the industry has kinda known about him for a while, right? He had gotten airtime on NBC's Last Comic Standing years back, did Comedy Central's Premium Blend in 2006, and served as Comedy Central's warm-up guy and backstage host for Live at Gotham the following year. Nevertheless, Ahdoot unofficially "wins" this year's contest to see which New Face from Montreal can make the biggest splash first, because Ahdoot performed Friday in NBC primetime on The Jay Leno Show. Congrats, Dan! Tell him what he's won…Roll the clip! Solid! Now let's look back at his Premium Blend clip. Ahdoot opens with the same greeting to the audience, but to introduce a completely different joke. And when he mentions he is an Iranian Jew, again in the midpoint of the routine, it took a different turn. And that, my friends, is how you turn a...

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New York Times story on CBS squashing Letterman clips misses the point? Or does it?

I wish Brian Stelter and Bill Carter at ye olde New York Times were readers of The Comic's Comic, because if they were, they would have seen that — despite their assertion in today's paper that CBS was working overtime to eliminate unauthorized clips from David Letterman's master class in how to spin one's own sex scandal, and claiming CBS wasn't offering official copies of the segment — the network posted Letterman's acknowledgement online that same night and has left it up for anyone to see on I know this because that's where I found it and that's where it continues to play along with my transcript of the full segment. Thanks to Rachel Sklar on Mediaite for the link on that. Sklar thinks I'm splitting hairs here, because she argued that the real story is about Fair Use and people being able to upload newsworthy clips to YouTube and anywhere else. But if CBS lets you watch Letterman's acknowledgement on and offers the FULL episode from Thursday on the official Late Show with David Letterman page…wait…what's this? When I clicked on the full episodes page, expecting Thursday's video to begin, I just got a message saying "The requested video could not be loaded. Click below to watch more videos." So, OK. Maybe Sklar and Stelter have a good point, too! I yield. UPDATED: The episode is...

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Tom Simmons wins 2009 San Francisco Comedy Competition

Tom Simmons took home the top prize over the weekend at the 34th annual San Francisco Comedy Competition, edging out Danny Bevins for the win. Maureen Langan, Jarrod Harris and Rodger Lizaola rounded out the final five. Simmons' previous credits include Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, BET's Comic View and Showtime's White Boyz in the Hood. Here's a video of Simmons from Live at Gotham in 2006 talking about Iraq and being a new dad: Which leads us to two more relevant videos… First up, a short film of one of Simmons and other comics (is that Danny Bevins with him?) on a "Comics on Duty" tour of Afghanistan: And closer to California. In fact, so close, it's actually Sacramento, here is a collegiate report from one of the final nights of this year's San Francisco Comedy Competition (includes very brief bits from all five finalists, and Bevins had edged out Simmons on this...

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