Day: October 2, 2009

Interview: Owen Benjamin already has done things you have only dreamed of

So you're an aspiring stand-up comedian. Perhaps you're thinking you could further your career by getting a company to fund an online series for you. Or maybe you could hook up with a celebrity. Or, wait, what if a celebrity went on tour with you? All of those would work, and being on two network TV shows in one week would give you exposure, too. Owen Benjamin didn't plan any of those things, but all of those things have happened to him in the past couple of years. I know. Crazy. But true. He's in New York City this weekend (co-headlining with Matt Braunger at Comix), and I caught up with him for some brief Q-and-A action. But first. Here's a clip of him from Monday's segment on The Jay Leno Show: I loved your custom jingle sketch on Leno — thought it was one of the best of the correspondent pieces so far. Will that be a recurring sketch for you, or will you be mixing it up with different types of musical comedy? "We've shot two of those. The next one is Oct. 12. I'm really pumped about the second one. We change it up and write jingles to random people." How hands-on were Leno and the producers in terms of content, production and editing? "They guide everything but they give us a lot of freedom. That's...

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Ticket giveaway to see Owen Benjamin and Matt Braunger this weekend at Comix!

Hey there, comedy fans! Would you like to see Owen Benjamin and Matt Braunger perform for free this weekend (Oct. 2-3, 2009) at Comix comedy club in New York City? Well, then, have I got a deal for you. The first four people to email me at thecomicscomic AT gmail DOT com will get four FREE tickets to see one of their shows on Friday or Saturday night. Don't worry, though. The rest of you can still see them perform this weekend and get a $5 discount on tickets if you enter the code TCC (for The Comic's Comic) when you buy your tickets online. Note: You'll still need to buy two items in the showroom, either way. But you like to eat and drink, right? Right. Alrighty then! Watch this video, and know that in a matter of minutes, I'll have an exclusive interview to share with you with Mr. Owen Benjamin…roll...

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Full transcript: David Letterman’s on-air statement about his affairs and the $2 million attempt to blackmail him

This was what David Letterman told his live studio audience and viewers on Thursday night's program about the man who attempted to extort him for $2 million over his secret affairs with women who worked for him at Late Show with David Letterman. UPDATED: Here's a video excerpt from CBS News of the final portion of his remarks… Watch CBS News Videos Online Here is the full transcript (audience reactions to Letterman are in parentheses): ‚ÄúI‚Äôm glad you folks are here tonight, and I‚Äôm glad you‚Äôre in such a pleasant mood because I have a little story that I would like to tell you and the home viewers as well. Do you feel like a story? (applause/cheers) This started three weeks ago yesterday. And I get up early and I come to work early, and I go out and I get into my car, and in the back seat of my car, there is a package I don‚Äôt recognize, and have never seen before and don‚Äôt usually receive packages six in the morning in the back of my car. (laughter) I guess you can. I guess some people do. So I get to looking through it, and there‚Äôs a letter in the package, and it says that, ‚ÄòI know that you do some terrible, terrible things. (laughter) And I can prove that you do these terrible things.‚Äô And sure...

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