Day: September 18, 2009

Lovable pervert? “Mitch Fatel is Magical,” the Comedy Central DVD

When you're in a comedy club with stand-up headshots framed on the wall, you're sure to notice and remember Mitch Fatel's photo. There are many. But only one has him standing fully naked, clutching a taller naked woman. Adorable? Perverted? Well, a little of both is a good thing for fans of Mitch Fatel. And that's just one reason why his new hourlong special, which debuts tonight on Comedy Central and becomes available as a full hour-plus DVD on Sept. 22, is called Mitch Fatel: Mitch Fatel Is Magical. This is another. Perhaps you have seen a video much like this elsewhere on the Internets? It opens with Fatel taking a bubble bath and includes a clip from his special about pre-sex warnings. Roll the clip! The full 63-minute set (you'll only get about 40-43 minutes on Comedy Central) opens with a magic trick, and Fatel's interaction with a bikini babe allows him to get right into his main subject: Sex. From breasts to nipples, to oral sex — "oral sex will never be a consolation prize" — homosexuality, bestiality, anal sex, internet sex, his own methods of birth control (praying is #2 on his list of options), and a cat named Candy Cane. He addresses all of this in a soft, slow and creepy cadence, that somehow winds up sounding like a shy and naive child, just discovering all...

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Notes from the 2009 Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival opening night gala

What kind of comedy festival offers free butterscotch pudding to its audience members? And if you're lucky enough to have a wristband like this, you also got to munch on turkey, potato salad and other savories. "VIPs" also could dine on caviar inside a cardboard room?! Then again, if you're wearing a wristband like this, then you must be at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival! The opening-night gala on Thursday, hosted by Mirman, opened with Pete Holmes, featured videos from Leo Allen, Max Silvestri, Seth Herzog, and Tim & Eric, live music from Jon Auer of the Posies (performing a solo version of Big Star's "Thirteen"), and if that wasn't enough, how about a half-hour or so of absurdity with Kristen Schaal followed by an hour of Daniel Kitson? Yes, you say. Splendid! Schaal opened with a mime routine. "That was me seducing and then assassinating Adolf Hitler. It's a new dance move. I hope it catches on!" She also showed off the trailer for her pilot project, The Midwife, which is quite dramatic once you remove the boiling water; played a live game of MASH (in her Colorado rules, it's MASHO, where the O stands for Outhouse); and got possessed by the ghost of a sexist stand-up from the early 1980s. I'd heard many good things about Daniel Kitson. Turns out these people saying good things about Kitson...

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Law & Order sets new record for comedians in an episode that’s not about comedy

If I were to tell you that an upcoming episode of Law & Order (any edition) would feature a comedian in a bit part, then you would say, sure, why not. It has happened before plenty of times. In fact, enough times that the second annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival has a themed show called The Comedians of Law & Order, happening Saturday at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Now in it's what got to be a whopper of a coincidence, the original Law & Order just wrapped its fourth episode of the upcoming 20th season, and that episode, called "Reality Bites" and tentatively slated to air Oct. 16, features five — count 'em, FIVE — comedians: Jim Gaffigan, Michael Showalter, Livia Scott, Baron Vaughn and Cole Escola. And there's nothing funny about the episode. As Vaughn relayed to me — no spoilers, promise! — the plot revolves around a family of special-needs kids who were going to be portrayed in a reality TV show. "It's the opposite of funny," he said. "Just tragic." Vaughn has two lines as a medical examiner. Scott plays the foreperson on the jury, and said being in the custom-built L&O courtroom was something else. "It's so impressive," she told me. She's also thrilled to become part of the L&O fabric. Showalter plays the reality-TV producer, so obviously, he gets to have some villainous...

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The BBC considered Jimmy Carr’s speeding ticket an actual news item?

I don't normally write about legal and personal issues for comedians, because they often have nothing to do with actual comedy, and sometimes turn out to be frivolous, and common people will forget the frivolous part but remember the initial allegations. That said, I did some idle searching of Google News this morning and spotted this headline that I thought had to be fake: "Comedian Carr accused of speeding." From the BBC News, even. So I clicked through and prepared to laugh and laugh at this obviously fake satire. Which, of course, turned out to be true? Me confused. Me very confused. There's even a BBC News TV report on it. So for everyone who thinks American TV goes overboard reporting about trivial celebrity nonsense, know that the BBC is just as incapable at times. Bravo. Here, at least, is a video of Jimmy Carr making funny on the British telly about oil, automobiles, driving at high speeds and related things, courtesy of Top...

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Enter IFC’s sketch comedy contest, win and meet Monty Python

There's still a couple of days left to enter IFC's Sketch Comedy Challenge. The deadline is Sept. 20. The winner not only gets to see their sketch aired on IFC, but also gets to be walk the red carpet with Monty Python at the debut of their new documentary, Almost the Truth, on Oct. 15 in NYC. Here are some other rules and whatnots… Your submission must be an original sketch, five minutes or less, under 100MB in either Quicktime or Windows Media, have cleared any music copyrights or other legalities. There also will be four runners-up, who will get their sketches seen online at and also receive the complete 16-DVD box set of "The Complete Monty Python's Flying...

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