Day: September 14, 2009

How can a Mad Men parody be like The Departed? It’s a Boston thing

There have been plenty of great Mad Men parodies released unto the Internets. Just click here, or here, or as of last week, even here. But then in the wee hours of this morning, Funny or Die shared this with me. As much as I am from Boston, I am not from Boston, which means that this spoof MA Men, where the ad men have been replaced by "Massholes," had me rolling with laughter from start to finish. Accents? Check. Teddy Ballgame? Check. Sawx? Check. Unnecessary profanity, with special attention directed toward the Yankees? F-yeah check. Kelly's Roast Beef reference? With sauce. Wonderland? Dunkin? Bonding over Fenway Park. It's so wicked retahded funny, and then when I watched it the third time, I was laughing and thinking about how this even has New Kid On The Block's Joey McIntyre, and I realized that this thing has that same hilarious appreciation of "Massholes" that the actor formerly known as Marky Mark Wahlberg (brother of New Kid Donnie) brought to every single one of his scenes in The Departed. Which means the Oscar for Best Mad Men Parody goes to MA Men. This almost makes up for the UCB's Del Close Marathon not featuring its tribute to Boston ("Wicked F*ck*n' Queeyah") this summer. Roll the clip! MA Men from Joey McIntyre   Written by Jamie Denbo, and starring Joey McIntyre, Nate...

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NBC’s redesigned Jay Leno site introduces us to the Laugh Squad, and also Tig Notaro

If you have had your television tuned to any station owned or operated by NBC Universal, then I do not need to remind you that The Jay Leno Show debuts tonight. They're clobbering that news into our heads so we cannot escape it. But what they haven't really let you in on just yet is much about all of the new comedy correspondents that Leno will be employing and deploying across America. Despite debuting a cleaner design for the show's online home, you can see in the credits who'll be writing and producing the show, but so far, no page for the correspondents? Hmmm. I guess you'll have to settle for my recap of everyone known to be a comedy correspondent for The Jay Leno Show. But the show does have a new section online called Laugh Squad. What is that, you ask? The first entry reveals it'll be a place where the show's bookers, Bob Read and Ross Mark, share comedy and comedians they enjoy with us. They also remind everyone that in addition to booking stand-ups for Leno when he was at the Tonight Show, they were the original audition judges for NBC's Last Comic Standing. Is this also a ploy to get aspiring comedians to submit their tapes for Leno? While we ponder that, let's hear them talk about wanting to introduce us to comedians, with...

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Who could replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show? Here are 14 possibilities

Jon Stewart is back at work on The Daily Show for Comedy Central after three weeks of vacation. But what if he didn't come back? After all, one of these days, he won't. And with all of the talk over on NBC about talk show hosts (as well as the recent announcement that Charles Gibson would retire from the real TV news anchor desk at ABC), well. It got some people, myself included, to thinking. And you now what they say, thinking leads to blogging. Here's a post about 14 potential replacements for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to get you...

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New York Comedy Festival will hand out a People’s Choice Award? Yes, and more

The 2009 New York Comedy Festival has announced a partnership with the People's Choice Awards that will result in the winner of "New York's Funniest Stand-Up" contest getting an actual People's Choice Award and recognition of some sort during the 2010 televised broadcast of said awards on CBS. Related: Want to enter the contest? Here's how. Other comedians who do not live and/or perform in NYC also will have a chance to take part in the People's Choice in a separate contest by submitting a three-minute routine to the People's Choice people between Sept. 21 and Oct. 7. Festival judges will post the top three performers on the site on Oct. 9, and then online voting will help pick one of the three stand-ups to travel to Manhattan to perform as an opening act during the fest. “This event marks the first time that a People’s Choice Award will be presented in a stand-up comedy competition,” People's Choice President Fred Nelson said in a statement. “We are thrilled to empower fans to voice their choice alongside the experts and to provide another shot for performers to showcase their comedic talents on stage.” That's one of the additions to this year's weeklong fest. As they have done in past years, the NYCF has coordinated with the Paley Center to host a couple of TV comedy panels. This year's panels include...

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Keanu Reeves as Swedish music producer? It’s all part of My Damn Channel’s new fall Web season

Rob Barnett has built My Damn Channel into a unique blend of original online comedy and music programming, and today's announcement of MDC's new fall season shows how Barnett's commitment is moving forward. Notably, actress Illeana Douglas stars alongside Keanu Reeves in Douglas' second online series for the channel about a Swedish band called Sparhusen. Todd Spahr and Rob Mailhouse round out Douglas' band, Reeves plays the band's record producer. Want to watch a trailer? Great. We have that technology. Douglas also returns to MDC with a second season of Easy To Assemble, in which the actress chucks her Hollywood career for a life inside of an IKEA. Past and present cast who join her in this effort include Justine Bateman, Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Craig Bierko, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Pollak, Jane Lynch, Cheri Oteri, Ricki Lake, Tim Meadows, Daryl Sabara and Eric Lange. Both of her online series will debut on Oct. 8. Also airing online the channel this fall: Knight Shift, an animated series in which the Queen of England reinstates the Round Table with her actual knights (such as Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Sean Connery, Sir Elton John and Sir Richard Branson); RAMP, a daily email blast about music and the radio biz from Radio And Music Pros; new music videos from Harry Shearer and Don Was (the first two artists who signed onto My Damn...

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