Day: September 4, 2009

Preview: Kevin Nealon’s “Now Hear Me Out,” on Showtime

You've known comedian Kevin Nealon for going on almost decades plural at this point, from his "Subliminal Man" on Saturday Night Live to appearances in films as a supporting player for Adam Sandler, and for the past several years, as stoned Doug Wilson on Showtime's Weeds. How is it only now, at age 55, that Nealon is filming his own hourlong stand-up comedy special? Well, Showtime has stepped up to remedy that now with the broadcast premiere tonight of "Now Hear Me Out." Let's take a look at some preview clips, shall we? First, here's Kevin Nealon preparing for the show, with a comical run-in with Garry Shandling in the men's room in which Bluetooths are played for miscommunication misadventures. Jo Koy also cameos here. Bluetooth Bathroom with Garry Shandling & Kevin Nealon – watch more funny videos And now for the official show promo: But what about clips? Here's how Kevin Nealon really feels about smoking pot. Before you judge, now hear him...

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Preview: Michael Loftus, “You’ve Changed” on Comedy Central

Back in the earlier part of this decade, I'd see comedian Michael Loftus at least a couple of times a year, coming through the Tempe Improv as a middle. Sometimes I even worked with him as the opener. But I lost touch and lost track of him for while, though I did see him appear on the short redo of Star Search by CBS. Turns out he was writing for George Lopez's ABC sitcom, had gotten married and continued to work on his stand-up. And tonight, he has his own hourlong Comedy Central special, "You've Changed." So I guess we've all changed a bit over the years. First up, a promo to watch tonight: Followed by a bunch of clips from the special. It has been interesting to see how Loftus has developed. A lot of the material that's online from "You've Changed" deal with his marriage, which in itself, isn't a revolutionary topic for stand-up, but it has affected him personally. He has a message for you newlyweds out there who think marriage is going to be a cakewalk. The first year is more like apple pie: Here's his take on how married people have to see a therapist to learn how to fight differently: And this, about sleeping naked, or not: "You've Changed": Fighting – Premieres Friday, Sept. 4th!! What about pinky toes,...

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“Dying To Do Letterman,” Steve Mazan will perform on “Late Show” tonight

Stand-up comedian Steve Mazan has made it his life mission to perform on Late Show with David Letterman, which is a mission many stand-ups in this generation share, but Mazan's mission really has been about life or death since he was diagnosed with cancer. So he launched his "Dying To Do Letterman" project, and filmed it as a documentary. He talked to Letterman vets such as Brian Regan, Ray Romano and Arj Barker. He went overseas to perform for the troops. He got two sets on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Friends of his recommended him regularly to Letterman's booker, Eddie Brill, but it would take years of working with Brill to get his set from OK to Letterman-worthy. He would not get to win his appearance or have it granted a la Make-A-Wish. Here's a clip that Mazan uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 1, 2008: And tonight, Sept. 4, 2009, Steve Mazan will perform on Letterman. Happy ending? Tune in tonight and find out. And come back here later for the video. UPDATED: Here's the post with...

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Addition through subtraction: SNL fires Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson!?

Sources outside the show, and backed up by anonymous sources from within 30 Rock, have informed me that Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson appear to have been let go from Saturday Night Live and won't be returning this season (although they may have participated in some pre-taped ad parodies and digital shorts). They're no longer listed in specific office protocol. UPDATED: Michaela just confirmed this to me herself. So it looks as though Lorne Michaels hired Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad not as additional females to the cast (as SNL follower Rachel Sklar over at Mediaite would have hoped), but rather to replace Watkins and Wilson. UPDATED! Here is an exclusive statement that Michaela Watkins emailed me about her departure from SNL: "I will say to you now, though, that I had a GREAT time there. Met some of the most truly talented and fantastic people, had the most exciting job and I honestly can say I don't have any regrets I can think of right now. Although it seems kinda crazy right now, this may shake out to make sense to everyone. Lorne isn't known for indulging in any lip-service and I feel very encouraged by his words last week. I'm working on something I'm very excited about now, so… the journey continues, and I feel so lucky I got to stop off at 30 Rock. It was awesome." People...

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Review: Rob Cantrell’s CD, “Keep On The Grass”

Rob Cantrell got a break early in his stand-up career when he was picked as one of the finalists on the first season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Some might argue that getting that much exposure when you're young (in either age and/or as a professional performer) can rush you into situations you're not fully prepared for. For Cantrell, the TV show allowed him to tour with Mitch Hedberg and Stephen Lynch, and also become friends with (and tour with) the comedians of the Marijuana-logues. But what has Cantrell done for you lately? How does a new stand-up comedy CD sound? Let me take a listen to Keep On The Grass and let you know. He opens by talking about the misguided notions you have about life in your 20s, and yet, now that he's in his 30s, he really wants to tell you more about how he was like before he even hit his teens. He was the kid who took violin lessons, "but was sucking on rosin trying to get high" and never learned a note, tended to be the type of weird kid who stared at the fan and wrote with the big, fat pencils. He argues that those kids are the ones "who become comedians and drug addicts." Hmmm. Not always. Sometimes those kids are just dumb. But let's move on. Because Cantrell did. Cantrell...

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